1. I agree completely with you, Willy. Natalia and Sasha are just too stunning. Freja just has a cool girl feel, but unfortunately the cool feel did not portray in this cover. Very amateur.

  2. I must say, I really like Sasha’s. I LOVE Freja, but I like her more when she is all ‘dolled-up’ and pretty. I do think she fits the ‘London Look’ here though. (hints of Ashley Stymest, no?)

  3. love the freja cover, but for spring i’ll go with Natalia. I hated this hair of Sasha and the outfit too.

  4. Is this even a debate?

    NATALIA, of course!

    So Clean. So Fresh. So Beautiful. So Spring!!!

  5. true nik, first thing i thought when i saw freja was ASH!!
    it looks awesome, i love it!!
    her cover is the best!!

    sasha’s looks too much like summer…

  6. Sasha all the way! The cover screams spring, and her face grabs the readers attention! The clothes and her eyes are to die for! I like Natalia’s but I feel it’s just a typical i-D cover with the classic smile and wink; i also thought it is boring no?

    And freja’s… I am not feeling it. I love the cover dont get me wrong but it dosn’t work for spring. She looks to posed and aggresive.

  7. Beja’s just look Dark and Gloomy.

    Spring is about a new start and fresh beginning. Natalia nailed that one!

    Sasha is nice also but is too busy and cluttery…..

    Spring is clean.

    If the most beautiful face on earth winks at you, how can it go wrong? ?? So, yay for Natalia!

  8. I love all three girls but let’s take a look here. At first glance, one would say SASHA has the best cover which is probably right. Freja’s cover is unfortunately, not as much of a spring feel. Probably due to the fact that they made her black and white. Natalia’s cover is also great AND to me, its the one that FEELS the most like a spring cover. Her face is fresh. Very light, pale lighting. Natural and beautiful. So if their looking for the best SPRING cover…Natalia wins.

  9. I love Natalia’s cover!! Is so fresh! and looks like she is not trying too hard! and I also like Sasha’s cover! is so modern!!
    Freja’s cover mmm not as good as the other two!

  10. Second though, of course i don’t hate the outfit! it’s from my beloved McQueen!!! Anyways, they enhanced the color too much and made it look strange! 🙁 Oh, Lee…

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