1. Wow Wow Wow I’m in love all over again…haven’t liked any recent photo shoots with Kate, but this makes me want to run and buy the magazine asap!She is stunning all the way through – love

  2. I like photos, but it´s kind of the same… Kate Moss has hundreds of photos like this, what up?

  3. I for a hot second was also gonna ask if these were old. They’ve got an amazing aged look to them. Not Kate but the images as a whole. And Lara Stone also popped to mind. She’s a model that could be naked in the water and still make things feel…expensive. Bravo to both Kate and Mario! Really lovely.


  4. i do think these are old photo of kate.

    sad to say, she doesn’t look as as fresh and supple as before…..

  5. I think it’s funny everyone worships a woman with a very public cocaine problem- yeah, she’s awesome.
    Look at her body folks, NOT great. Make opinions of your own & not what the industry force feeds down your throat.

  6. I think the photos they do toghether always shows there is a relationship between them that goes beyond model/photographer, like in the first photo, and that´s a beautiful rare thing to see in a fashion editorial. I love it when they work toghether, always admired sorrenti, and defenitely love kate.

  7. No wonder these pics r amazing – Mario took the Obsession photos of her in the nineties!!!!!! And he was dating her at the time….I’m surprized her boyfriend let him take these of her now lol esp. the fact that she’s wearin…um nuthin!!! x

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