1. love them, i think kleins work is always so identifiable, its fashion photography… simple and strong.

  2. yes n what about the very bad difference beteween supposed to be tan face ( wich will problably just besome photoshop airbrushing judging by the inexistent defination on the face ) n the totally white legs lol

  3. I just got the magazine and was reading it in the morning
    Then when i reached to this issue, i was like what the hell?! I couldn’t recognize Jaq, and lily’s face is just horrifying..
    I suppose the face is photoshopped… Jaq’s dark brown hair turned orange with her face in the 4th pic…
    Not impressed with this editorial…at all


  4. Lily donaldson and jac jagaciak battled it out for blood, er tan. And lily won this round. Hands down.

  5. Reminds of a story Steven Meisel did with Lori Goldstein back in the day when all the girls were sprawled out on the streets.

  6. It’s an amazing shoot, the styling is wonderful, I love the contrast between their pale and orange bodies and the message is very strong and clear. They almost look like manicans or dolls. Fake tan is so awful on pale skin, natural skin is so much more beautiful!!

  7. WOW… how sensational…?! I have to admit that you won’t love it on the first look, but it’s one of those editorials that you may need to look at several times to figure out what it’s about… the colors are beautiful here… 😉

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