Blondes Have More Fun

Tao Okamoto is known for her oft imitated but never duplicated razor sharp bowl cut but Vogue China takes her in a completely different direction for her latest editorial. In the story by Camilla Akrans Tao sports long bleached blonde locks that make her look totally different than how we’re used to seeing her. Shay Ashual‘s hair wizardry transforms Tao’s look but do you like it? Let us know!






Tao by Camilla Akrans | Image Credit – Aja Mok @ tFS

  1. Totally reminds me of Daul Kim. Miss her blog so much.
    I actually think Toa pulls off the look surprisingly well.

  2. Tao is normally very spritely and cute, but in this story she looks so ethereal and soft. Simply gorgeous.

  3. i love these photographs! Camilla Akrans is incapable of taking a bad photo . That said , I don’t think Tao should make this hairstyle/haircolour permanent .

  4. Beautiful story. Tao is a great model in an understated sort of way, a subtle poser. She deserves more recognition.

    Why is it that Asian models never get all that popular anyway? I mean with the “fans” or whatever. Even girls who are doing exceptionally well (Tao, Liu, etc) seem to have a much smaller following than their Caucasian counterparts. 😐

  5. i not really into her bleached blonde hair. it doesn’t look natural. south east asian girl mostly have blondish hair more looking natural than this stereotype asian look.

  6. Asia’s Best ……Tao, Liu Wen, Du Juan, Shu pei and the upcoming Charlene Almarves

  7. I love Camilla’s work. Her photos evoke a very ethereal, light feel and she always manages to make the models look more beautiful than usual!

  8. to Liv: i think it’s because of the perception of ‘beauty’ worldwide is still very western look oriented, especially in Asia, even the Asian top models who are considered by westerners as beautiful or hot are considered as ‘ugly’ in Aisa, most Asians are into the western looks – huge eyes & deep eyelid in particular, they absolutely adore big eyes over there, so….it’s a sad truth i’m afraid 🙁

    anyway, Tao is my fav. Asian models after Dual Kim. liu wen is good too.

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