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27 Original artwork by Andy Ness, made of fabric and other materials.

We chatted with casting director Julia Samersova about her big Global Action for Children event coming up for Saturday, March 20th. With Angelina Jolie as the honorary chairperson of GAC and the event hosted by Mary Alice Stephenson and Milk Studios, GAC is definitely the charity to keep your eye on. While Angelina won’t be there expect some of the industry’s heavy hitters to come and experience the special events planned for their little ones.

What is Global Action for Children?
Global Action for Children generates awareness, policies and funding so every child has the chance to grow up safe and healthy.

What are your main goals for Saturday’s event?
The main goal is to raise awareness and money for GAC, and to have an amazing time doing it! All of the decor, activities and games have been created to entertain, educate, and inspire the children at a level that can only be describe as AWESOME.

There are quite a few models who are activists (Natalia Vodianova, Liya Kebede, Christy Turlington etc) as well as mothers. Why do you think becoming a mother changes them? Why do think it’s important for these models to become “role” models?
Motherhood puts life into a different perspective and allows you to view and deal with life’s challenges in a brand new way. Patience is the key ingredient in parenthood and in an industry such as fashion, it can certainly come as a refreshing change of pace. These Supermodel Mommies have an amazing platform to speak out on the behalf of a whole range of causes. It’s an amazing position these women are in: very powerful and used properly, very helpful to those who have no voice in this world.

Since becoming a mother a year and a half ago, what has changed about the fashion industry for you?
What has changed is my perception of what is truly an “emergency” versus a “fashion emergency”! It has been amazing to learn to be this “other” person. After a long hard day of work, I am fortunate enough to go home to this little creature and really get my priorities in order. It is a very difficult balance to strike, being a working woman in a demanding industry and a mother and a wife. I have a lot more patience now and that is a good thing!

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