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Gisele Bundchen has been at the top of the heap for over a decade and her Vogue covers are always memorable. Whether she’s surrounded by other models or all by herself, Gisele stands out from the crowd and after being featured on the cover of Vogue US 11 times she lands on the cover of April’s shape issue looking better than ever.

Tell us which Gisele cover is your favorite?


July 1999 by Steven Meisel


November 1999 by Annie Liebowitz


December 1999 by Steven Meisel


May 2000 by Steven Meisel


June 2000 by Herb Ritts


January 2001 by Steven Meisel


June 2001 by Steven Meisel


December 2001 by Steven Meisel


September 2004 by Steven Meisel


April 2008 by Annie Leibovitz


April 2010 by Patrick Demarchelier

Image Credits | HFGL @ tFS and Just Jared

  1. I will forever love the very first one and the one with George. and the may 2000 one by meisel is perfection. and actually this last one is in my tops too! it reminds me of her earlier ones. very fresh

  2. my favorite is December 2001 by Steven Meisel
    and this new one April 2010 by Patrick Demarchelier

    but I think she has better Vogue Covers
    Well,she is still my favorite model and I can’t get tired of her and its a pleasure to see her on VOGUE AMERICA COVER

  3. I think theyre all so good! minus the 2008 one. she’s always amazing on covers.
    I dont know why people expect Vogue US to be edgy like VI. Vogue us has never been like that.

  4. 11 US Vogue covers?!?!?! That is an incredible feat for any model, especially considering Ms. Wintours celebrity cover aesthitics. (But it is safe to say Giselle IS an A-list celebrity.) My fav Giselle US Vogue covers would be the multigirl covers. Giselle, Daria, and Natalia look spellbinding. And I love the November 1999 cover, when she was still so young. She is no doubt a special lady!!!

  5. well, this is not a surprise to be honest, as everybody knew that 2010 would be her year.
    beautiful picture but nothing spetacular!

  6. The best here is the multi girl cover. She is lucky to be on the cover with the best beauties like Daria and Natalia. Altho it would’ve been the perfect cover if instead of Gisele it was Kate.

  7. I think she looks gorgeous in every vogue cover, because she looks natural and comfortable… I don´t think she´s boring, she´s perfect in fact…

  8. she´s sexy, that´s all gisele has to give, nothing else… I think there are better fashion icons out there, brazilian models are overrated sometimes

  9. Wow!!! I have been waiting for her return. My favorite is the Jully 1999 the first time I know Gisele.
    She looks kind of the same in every cover but still super.
    I thought Ms Wintours would put her muse Karlie Kloss on cover but I guess Gisele is beyone a supermodel now!!! Cant wait to buy it….

  10. I love them all cause they are so impelling they just draw you in when you see her in the cover of a magazine. I love her eyes cause they draw you in so much. I love Gisele she is an amazing Icon in the fashion industry. I wana see more of her!!


  12. “brazilian models are overrated sometimes”? I don’t think so, brazilians models are on the market going from high fashion to comercial for years. Think Gisele, Isabeli, Raquel and Carol Trentini. Is the return of sexy models again? I hope so much. LV, prada and giles put real models in their runaways and everybody loved. By the way, Gisele’s first cover is the best for me.

  13. 11 covers?! one word: WOW. and she looks stronger and more in tune with herself than ever. bravissima!

  14. Vogue US is too commercial … I wish it was more editorial…too smiley…I don’t like any of the covers

  15. Yes, the Carmen cover was Jan 2000, not 2001. She was on the cover three times in 2000. It was the last year of models ruling US Vogue covers and she was the undisputed queen (with Carmen coming in second). That’s my favorite one. The whole issue was about and I remember exactly where I was when I read it (it helped me through a crashing hangover).

    Sept 2004 is my next favorite. I didn’t love the LeBron cover when it came out but I kinda like it here. And I think her face looks its best in the Dec 2001 9/11 tribute cover. (Although the “Buy thihs t-shirt for America” line reads so badly now–so crass for Vogue.)

  16. I think she is absolutely gorgeous, and the people that commented negatively, should be ashamed of yourselves. Be happy for successful people and strive to do your best, don’t be jealous because you don’t have any…grow up.

  17. She rocks!
    She is amazing!
    She has balance, moviment, perfect face, body,
    she has a beautiful soul!
    Love her!

  18. I think they are all really great. People should be loving these covers, as Vogue USA doesn’t produce such nice work anymore! the latest cover is an exception to that rule! thanks Mrs Wintour for putting Gisele on the cover again! she is amazing and has such a warm soul. you can see it in her eyes. She has been one of Anna’s best sellers, so its a no brainer she would be on the cover again, and I hope its not the last!!! Gisele beats some high fashion waif on the cover of VA anyday.and people this is not Vogue Italia, never has, never will be. Although Gisele does edgy VI superbly as well.

  19. i still think Cindy is the best supermodel. can’t get my eyes off her March 2010 Harper’s Bazaar UK cover.

  20. I have a QUESTION:

    If you put Linda, Cindy, Naomi, Claudia, Christy, Stephanie, Kate, Daria and Gisele together at age 25, who do you think will be the Top best Supermodel????

    I have my answer. who’s your pick???

  21. I don’t think Gisele would even have a chance if she was at the at the peak of the Golden Age of Supermodels.

    Linda, Claudia, Christy and Naomi will still be big even at this era.

    Now that’s the true test of being a real Supermodel.

  22. Adorei rever essas capas da Vogue America. Vários momentos da nossa grande Gisele. Especialmente a capa de 99 com todas as grandes tops da história da moda. Maaaaaaaara…

  23. June 2001 is too gorgeous. I adore Gisele, she’s been around for so long now and is still one of the best models. <3 Happy to see her new Cover now

  24. The June 2000 cover with George Clooney is absolutely timeless. I’m thrilled to see Gisele on the cover this month, although I’m not a big fan of the styling.

  25. Quem diria que Gisele tão novinha na época se tornaria a mais importante modelo do mundo! Na capa de 1999 ao lado da Super Kate Moss e outras super modelos. Lembro-me muito bem a alegria que senti naquela época quando a vi na capa da Vogue ao lado dessas monstros das passarelas. Gisel nosso orgulho maior!!!

  26. …I agree with Marc, just above, but May 2000 by S Meisel is too cute and adorable to pass uncommented on!

  27. I think Cindy and Richard cover is far more better than Gisele and George. George looks like Gisele sugar daddy. They dont match at all. I dont see the sparks between both them. Moreover her voice does not suite her face. Such a beautiful face (so called) with such a low tone voice.

    FYI, Cindy got 16 covers.

  28. …PeterModelObsessed, you seem to change opinion/statements like the wind, man!
    First you say that she is the second best supermodel ever, after Linda Evangelista ( kind of can agree with that, no probs ), but then further down, you comment she wouldn’t have a chance if “her time” would have been the time of the “others” ( we know who we are talking about )??!!! Bye the way, I DON’T THINK SO. Beauty, wit and talent have no deadlines, specially when they’re beyond trends and pass the test of time. Prove? Just look above.
    …and Oshcar, no, the cover WOULND’T BE PERFECT if instead of Gisele was Kate in her place. Miss Moss is one of the most OVERRATED models I’ve ever had the sad fact to witness and come across with.
    Said it.
    Good day everybody!

  29. well given if they’re all the same age. I think that Gisele is lacking in “the Face” department to go head to head with Cindy, Claudia, Naomi, Christy and Linda. These 5 women are really really perfect and gorgeous back in the days ( even now )…..

  30. I could have gave the girls a run for their money…. I mean that those covers shots from 1999 to june 2000… especailly the first cover and that May 2000.. She very much looked like a powerhousae… I think she does needs to go back to her natural hair color… the dark hair look amazing on her and you can how beautiful her eyes are…and shape of itt…ANNA WINTOUR fault for bringing edgy to covers of Vogue in America.. but I guess Clean is the way to go in book. Anna needs think about actual customer base… there are not these house moms or business yet they fashion high schoolers, interns, college artsy of all media, young jet-set, dream seekers, travelers, geeks too .. these groups are like 18-40… huge gap but Americans wants edge…every once in awhile,lol! I love Gisele, besides the orignals Divas of 90’s. Giseli convice me to be in fashion…Rock on Giseli!

  31. Iwas trying to start off with I think Gisele could have gave them a run for there money….. and so and so ….. my bad,lol!

  32. …when was Claudia Schiffer REALLY REALLY PERFECT, as someone states above??? I must have missed it!!!…Giselle “lacking in the face department”???…are we talking about the same model???…I can see there’s a lot of “myth” going on in someones head on here…
    The fact is Linda, Naomi, etc where a buch of lucky girls who happened to be in the right place, at the right time, and met the right people ( ie Gianni Versace ). Nothing to do with being “the most perfect” or “the most beautiful”. Contemporaries like Helena Barquilla, Ann Rohart or Ashley Richardson were far more beautiful by miles that any of those “Big 5”, but didn’t get the hype. Christy, Stephanie, etc had the “right” look for that time, as Giselle has been in the last 10 years, or Dorian Leigh was 60 years ago…it’s nuisance to suppose “what if all of them together at 25…”, cause that will never be the case, that will never happen!…that was then, this is now.
    And NOW belongs to Giselle.

  33. Someone said Gisele is boring? Not her, is US VOGUE.
    In some interviews that she saying she is not in fashion as like Kate, she is only doing her job as a model and we all know she is doing bloody great job!!!

  34. IMO Gisele IS the only model who comes close to the 90’s girls in terms of beauty and modeling talent. They were the best, and so is she. my opinion. beautiful bone structure, and cheekbones what’s not to love?

  35. I like Gisele, but all these US Vogue covers didnt bring out the best in her. Ok, US Vogue promotes American beauty, bubbliness,etc. Gisele has done fantastic campaigns.. and she is really one of the best atm!

  36. @Parker broke Lloyd

    Yes you did missed it! Claudia Schiffer has been I a lot of covers and probably the Sexiest Supermodel ever. Google her early days. Her cat like stares landed her countless Vogue covers, built the Guess brand and a favorite Muse to Karl Lagerfeld who deemed her close to perfection…..

    Check her amazing beauty here…….

  37. I like Gisele she looks so healthy and seems smart, not even 30 and already married with a baby, you never see pictures of gisele falling out of clubs. Anyway for those of you that say gisele is a-list celeb, I beg to differ, I am from the u.k and when I talk about gisele to non fashion people they don’t know who she is, so I have to say “the one that dated leonardio di caprio” than they know who she is lol.

  38. the 2004 septemeber issue… my first vogue i ever bought! i still have that cover stuck on my wall and its still one of my favourites

  39. the first one is a classic. and reminds me alot of her most recent one!!!! the one with clooney is heavenly and also a classic. what a beautiful face and perfect smile, really! and I really love that one in the striped top. i mean what a beauty! now wonder US Vogue loves her. she has been a best seller for them early on. maybe not now because people have their negative opinions about her based on the media, but really what a healthy fantastic beauty and model.she really is the last of the supermodels.

  40. Definitely the one with Daria, Natalia. All my favourites right beside each other on the september issue. All their blue eyes are striking in that picture. Daria looks like a goddess, Natalia looks like a doll, and Gisele is well . . . smoldering sexy (the as usuals).

  41. I love the cover with George Clooney. I had no idea about that cover, and they look pretty hot together.

  42. July 1999 by Steven Meisel. that was the first time I know Gisele. All her American VOGUE was good but not as great as other VOGUE like French and UK.

    Gisele is never boring, only US VOGUE is boring.

    I still buy magazine with her cover on nowdays.

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