Savage Grace

Steven Klein does not shy away from controversy. The fearless lensman takes his uncompromising vision to the pages of Arena Homme + to create an erotically charged dystopian view of the future. The thrillingly in your face editorial takes masculine paragons Major’s Kerry Degman, Charles Devoe, Travis Hanson and Doug Porter (with Bryton Munn, Caleb and Santiago) and places them in a surreal world of intrigue and danger. The end result is captivating, thought-provoking and pure Klein.

Kerry Degman, Charles Devoe, Travis Hanson and Doug Porter (all Major), Bryton Munn (Storm/Ford), Caleb (Wilhelmina), Santiago (Empire) by Steven Klein for Arena Homme +

  1. Love it. It follows one of those Bruce Weber phones it in again stories, and it really stands out. Travis looks amazing.

  2. talented artist are able to reinvent them self…in different way with a thin line that hold togeher all the possibile different vision or at least diffrent point of th same vision…klein s taking the same pix over and over again ..and he could do it little better…at least…i guess he s too busy to undress the models

  3. First photo hilarious! Pfahaha…and the rest totally…how?!..yes gayyyy…uiiii
    rainbows.The concept in not new, the quality of photohraphy is awesome.

    Silence is golden…

  4. i am a gay guy and i work in fashion, but i am kinda tired of these kind of shoots and focus on gay hysteria. its so last year. Time for new stuff. what about going back to happily married straight couples, smiles and all that.
    That said but i must admit that the models look fab and it is a quality shoot.

  5. very nice!!!!!!!!! I am not going to say too much.
    But Steven should keep an eye out on
    photographers that are coping his style.

  6. Steven’s work is always the same to me… I do like his light tho… an eye patch, horse, guns, fighting, s & m, dead person on the floor !!!!! I pray he finds something else to entertain us with because there would be no point in buying another magazine with the same old images…

  7. Well, Mike berry. Steven has a style. If you really opened the magazines you will see his range. The body of work,
    the statement and emotion that goes along with it. He is
    a true Visionaire and up there with the power dogs for that reason.

  8. It is really a stand out story in Arena Homme+ ,after all the boring stuff in it ,all of a sudden you get this wonderfull in your face story ,that u have to keep looking at because everytime you see some thing different in it ,its like a watching a great movie ,wonderful and provocative styling by Panos Yiapanis by the way,i love seeing a fashion shoot that really captures the moment and this one is spot on ,a total fan here !;-)

  9. this too funny but really cool. this great for a model, because they have to go through that gay moment in their career in photos. this first was a powerful statement with a great body, i would like seem in versace or dolce and gabbana… the rest typical Area Homme spreads but the choice in casting the models were great look at their bone! that is what i notice..

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