Power Couple

Mikael Jansson takes things to the next level for Interview magazine. The iconic photog enlists platinum blonde stunners Lara Stone and Dennis Johnson to convey the dynamism of the season’s swimwear. Lara is known for her tough chic allure but it’s Dennis who nearly steals the show with his steely gaze – both Stone and Johnston put their athleticism on display as they battle for dominance.

Lara Stone (IMG) and Dennis Johnson (New York Models) by Mikael Janssen for Interview

  1. Dennis is with NYM, not Fusion


    Congrats to Dennis for joining the NYM team, they are one of the best, and will take him to the TOp!

  2. and if Klein didn t shot s very sad coz it s just a cheap version of Klein usually does..i love Lara but she doens t look fierce at all how she d be supopsed to be in the story..she look mor elike she s aking a nap….boring

  3. This editorial looks so much like Klein’s work. like
    a continuation of his last shoot I’ve seen a year ago, but executed in a bad way. Seriously, this is not a strong shoot at all.
    Lara, love you. But you look like you are being told what
    to do and just tired. Mr. Baron should of questioned
    this shoot before it was published.
    Big mistake you guys.

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