Mario Sorrenti and Marie-Amelie Sauve take Iselin Steiro to the next level in Interview magazine. Starting from a nude shot of Iselin standing on a clear block and moving through to full on futuristic look, complete with mohawk – the series explores the nature of transformation and how a few changes in wardrobe can alter our perceptions drastically. Whether she is bare or almost unrecognizable, Iselin works every pose and the piled on nature of the shoot shows us just how good Marie-Amelie’s styling can be.






  1. Iselin is a contender for Best Editorial Queen of the new millenium……

    but I mean, who can compete with her?

  2. call me crazy but if start from the beginning and look closely at each image that follows its the story of mankind adam and eve kind of
    -first image she completly comfortble proud naked
    – second clothed apples a tree(adam and eve garden of eden)
    – third image -mankinds progression the phone,old keyboard etc
    -fourth image- Man today the clutter,trash etc,technology the headphones stacked up old newspapers representing the waste mens move to internet,technology etc
    GET IT! haha hope i dont sound to crazy just an idea i think the images are move then just pictures i think the photographer was trying to drag a depiction through the story.. Brilliant =)

  3. brilliant analysis’s a story about human progression and Sorrent-Iselin do a sensational job.

  4. Someone (*cough, Safron, cough*) needs a hobby……

    Lol kidding. Good anyalysis Safron….

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