Raw Cole

Cole Mohr isn’t afraid of taking risks, his editorials are always pushing boundaries and exploring intriguing subject matter. Tush takes Cole behind bars for the most glam prison editorial, possibly ever – Armin Morbach shoots as Cole primps and poses in a jail cell, while Cole is unlikely to find himself behind bars, he manages to make the simple story fun and edgy.





  1. Cole Mohr dated my friends ex-girlfriend and if you thing he’s something in pics, he’s even some more interesting in person.

  2. I’ve always thought Cole was “ok” and this editorial just reinforces my opinion, it’s “ok”

  3. he can be too much in person – maturity comes w years of experience – but his energy is phenomenal on set. good job.

  4. Very cool, just the right amount edgyness, I think. And.. what do you mean Cole is unlikely to find himself behind bars? ‘Danger’is his middle name, part of the charm! xx

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