Luke is Electric!

Electric Youth Magazine, first appeared on our radar back in June on the Moment. How fitting that the new “Brit issue”, completely shot by Alasdair McLellan highlights British model/paparazzi favorite Luke Worrell and features new rising star Ash Stymest on the cover. We think Electric Youth is a perfect emblem of our youth obsessed culture! Check it out: Electric Youth

Luke Worrell

Poster of Luke, pics courtesy of d1 Models

Ash Stymest/Models 1

  1. oh god that’s hot !!!! that’s why i cant believe he’s datin kelly osbourne !!! it’s unfair !! he’s so much much better and handsome !

  2. i can’t believe he’s dating that thing either… GOSH!! he is way fiercer… hahah
    he is kind of a big deal, let me tell y’all.


  3. Luke is probably as happy as you Jeane..He didn’t seem comfortable with the dark colour GREAT but For his date Kelly O. might be an incredible girl with lot of HUMOUR & autoderision who knows who cares anyway as long as Luke is feeling that way!!! Lot of success little prince

  4. You jalous guys need to calm down, listenning to you he shouldn’t be with her because she doesn’t look as good as him! What does that mean?? cute people with cute people, fat people with fat people… whats the next step? white people with white people and black people with black people?!?

  5. you dont mean it do you !!! they are just UK, thats all, I´d never book them, they are so average, in the middle Europe you can find this type of boys thousands and thousands….

  6. Eh, we didn’t had lads like that in my high-school! That would have made it more enjoyable.
    And as soon as someone appears in magazine, their private life is criticize and shown to the the eye of public. Shouldn’t be that way though.

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