Adriana Takes Paris!

Adriana Lima has cornered the market on sexy. As the de facto leader of the Angels her name has become synonymous with the Victoria’s Secret brand and it’s version of provocative. Now the Brazilian bombshell makes the move into exciting new territory – bringing her exotic looks to the pages of Vogue Paris. ‘Rien A Cacher’ shot and styled by former Elle fashion editor at large, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele shows Adriana looking effervescent in playfully blingy ensembles.

Adriana Lima (Marilyn) by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele for Vogue Paris

  1. Carlyebe Cerf is one of my fave legendary fashion editors,,,they pictures are the epitome of what she is all about..gagging

  2. Gorgeous! Im really glad to see Adriana doing high fashion magazines again. She is beautiful and have a perfect face, god, love this woman.

    Hope she still doing more stuff for VP

  3. La Viva Adriana Lima! She brings fine-licious to the clothes looks so hot and fabulous!

    She is undeniable gorgeous! Glad to see her working in high fashion project once again.

  4. BTW Betty, I think you forgot to post her Ocean Drive October cover in her profile section. She also looks great there.

  5. I dont get the point. Why the heck is she wearinf fur?? So unnecessary. This shows how fashion is stupid.


  6. a adriana lima é linda, arrasa no Victoria’s ecret Fashion Show, nos editoriais como esse.
    The Supermodelllll

  7. Adriana lima you are simply beautiful dream .. you were recently in Turkey in varmisin yokmusun and you were unique .. I live in Germany and am a Turk here, it is very difficult to have any famous people to see, at least here in wanne Eickel So herne … I would you like to live to see me …. thanks in advance … byeee Handan

  8. Is anybody interested in seeing the new “ADRIANA LIMA” 21 year old model from POLAND ?
    It is MAGDA who looks a lot like ADRIANA LIMA.
    The website will be available soon.

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