Generation Gap

Eva Herzigova and Anna Selezneva join forces for the November Vogue Paris. The eternally sexy Herzigova stars as an elegant sophisticate while Selezneva captures the insouciance of rebellious youth. Mario Sorrenti juxtaposes their posh vs. punk aesthetics while Emmanuelle Alt styles. Inspired touches like the pairing of a supermodel with a girl on the rise are what keeps Vogue Paris on the cutting edge.

Eva Herzigova (1 Model Management) and Anna Selezneva (Silent) by Mario Sorrenti | Scans by BerlinRocks at tFS

  1. OMG how tall is Selezneva? She looks shorter than Kate.

    It takes an old School supermodel like Eva to show you how it’s really done.

    Go 90s Supers they were super because no one else was or ever will be.

    EVA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. spectacular!
    love the juxtaposition of the two styles, it’s kind of refreshing seeing how it’s mixed punk and sophistication
    LOVE IT! VOGUE Paris will always the best Vogue version…


  3. OMG

    Eva is like DA BOMB. Jus goes to show ain’t no super like an old super.

    They sure as hell don’t make them like that no more.

    SO Paris Vogue, swoon.

  4. eva s getting better n better every day more…sometimes age really give u something…the littl ebaby s one of the bestnewface…but she defenetly look so petit..))just for SILVIO…italian vogue s the best vogue…paris is the second

  5. The duo rocks..GOSH!!! The first pic is SO ROCK TRENDY CHIC I am crazy about what they wear…BALMAIN outfits ohh YES!

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