1. Killer edit. Nice strong lines, and shape of clothes and body. That Magda:-), she is so feline. (I wonder why she is not booking so many campaigns nowadays though.) Kudos to you too Kadel.

  2. “She is always shot at an angel, i wish we could see her straight on.”

    Check out “Alexanders Army for the answer to that question.

  3. if somebody would ask me who the most beautiful face has which I have ever seen, real, in magazine, in film, however.i would answer magdalena. everytime i see her face, i am speechless.

  4. Magdalena is EVER-EVOLVING!!! i love-love-love her… she’s so versatile… she gives strong and angular poses here, and yet, she can appear to be soft and all for Kenzo’s ads… 😉 love her!!!

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