Interview with a Vamp

Whenever Lara Stone works with Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the pictures are phenomenal, so when we heard the trio was teaming up for the cover of Interview Magazine, we knew we were in for a treat. The images, styled by Ludivine Poiblanc, are just as sexy and daring as we thought they’d be and as an added bonus, Lara is also interviewed by none other than Marc Jacobs.

View the entire feature, including the dialogue between Lara and Marc, at Interview






  1. Lara is becoming a myth, a legend. I think its fair to say she should be no1 in the rankings right now, nobody can disagree with that honestly. Poly & Zimmerman are also legends but this is the age of Lara. Amen.

  2. I love when people act surprised, disgusted or offended when they see models like her bare in editorials such as this one. Unbelievable. She’s been nude in magazines before, she’ll be nude in them again. She fits that mold. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. Although we’ve come to expect this already. If you don’t like the nudity, why keep complaining? No one cares. You won’t change anything.

  3. 3 things I found out reading the Interview article:

    1. Lara is very honest and candid. She’s a real genuine person who doesn’t pretend to hide her imperfections to help her image. I think her being honest to herself, faults and all, made her a solid success that she is today.

    2. Who knew Marc Jacobs is a very good interviewer? He asked all the questions we wanted to ask ourselves. He’s polite but very direct to the point. He should have a regular column, to keep us updated with our favorite models. He can do this since he’s well connected!

    3. Yehey!!! Lara stone use Google and YouTube, LOL. I am very sure that Lara reads our comments here in No doubt!!!

    Lara you deserve to be number 1. You’re a phenomenal like Kate, you change the industry with your size and you’re a hardworking model! Congrats.

  4. Lara is so beautiful and she seems to be really humble also which is nice to see. Good for her. I think shes great ^^

  5. I always said she was my favorite model. Now after some years I am still loving her. She is an amazing person as well as a inspiring model. Kill them my beauty. Love you!!!!!!!

  6. I think Karlie Kloss will be the next no.1

    Karlie is the real star of March VOGUE.

    her walk and body is amazing. her face is sooo High Fashion Model Couture!

  7. the rope around the neck shot is fantastic. hot without being too obviously sexy and her features are perfectly highlighted here. love it.

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