Rose In Bloom

Vogue Paris continues to break the mold, its March cover features an arresting shot of Rose Cordero, looking regal in Vuitton. The cover is the perfect tribute to Spring’s military inspired looks and Rose has never looked better than in these Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott‘s stylized images. In addition, Rose is also the first black model to get a solo cover of Vogue Paris since Liya Kebede back in 2002, which makes this cover a landmark.






  1. WOW!!!!!Im so happy for her!She looks so strong in the cover shot!Hopefully more Vogue covers and big ad campaigns to come!

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful. She has a ‘Baby Liya’ thing goin on on the cover. Five Stars Rose! (And A+ VP and M&M!!)

  3. This is beautiful and amazing.Its the best I’ve seen her since Meisel’s runway shoot. She has really grown I love the evolution and finally another new high-fashion girl besides Sessilee and Chanel(still waiting for the return of Jourdan, Re’l is trying but she hasn’t reached that level yet).

    I must also say that also Noemie lenoir had a solo cover in 2008 (yes Laetitia Casta also had a solo cover that same month) but none the less that it is far too long of period of no diveristy , considering that Paris is so diverse a city with a large african(sengalese/moroccan/togolese) population.

  4. Le Vengeur… Women Paris forever ??? I think you mean Peter Cedeno from surpreme.. Thats the man that made this happen. Congrats Petey.

  5. And I have to say this even though it will probably be censored (erased) : American Vogue and Anna Wintour are, honestly, perfectly representative of America. Boring, staid, racist and less-than-worldly, stuck in the past, defiant in it’s rigidity and resistance to change, and downright stubborn. While the rest of the world guns their engines to pass us by. sigh.

    And before someone brings up our President, Yes President Obama was elected, but there has been a noticeable revolt and reversal of gain since then.

  6. Both Naomi Campbell and Noemie shared their covers with other models – Naomi shared hers with Kate Moss and Noemie’s was a double issue with Casta on the other cover. This is a SOLO cover – all Rose, nothing but Rose and that is an accomplishment as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Without taking away from Rose Cordero’s Star Turn Moment…..

    Thanks Janelle for the wonderful Posts.

    You’re definitely the BEST, and I’m always looking forward for every post you made!

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong. Each of these young generation black models has one SOLO Vogue cover: Chanel, Jourdan, Sessilee, Arlenis, and Rose. What’s sad is that these girls will never be a widespread as their white counterparts because the industry is still stuck in 1950. R’el, Aminata, and Lyndsey will get their covers soon enough. Too bad there’s virtually no love for the DARKER skinned African models on Vogue covers (Oluchi and Iman are the only ones who had solo covers; Liya is fairer skinned).

    -Article caption is clearly incorrect. Noemie was on the cover in July 2008.

  9. Noemie was on the cover in July 2008 but it was a double cover. There were two covers of that issue – one of Noemie and one of Casta. You can see the covers here if you want to because there are clearly 2 covers. I didn’t realize this would be such a point of contention. Personally I consider Rose the first since Liya to really have a cover all her own, the other two covers are shared, which isn’t a bad thing but it is nice to have your own cover, it means the moment is yours and yours alone.


  11. This cover is :
    1) the diva-ness of Diana Ross
    2)Magicall like the fairy dust of Tinkerbell
    3)Estee lauder campagn worthy (copied that from peter)
    4)Just the most amazing cover in a LONG time.

    This cover just made her a SUPERSTAR.

  12. GORGE GORGE GORGEOUS! and so happy to see a black girl w/out overprocessed hair or wearing a weave made of a poor indian woman’s tresses. xoxo rose and team!

  13. OMG, OMG, OMG, OH my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love
    this story. I am crying so much right now. I love you rose.

  14. Eau my God!

    She looks so incredible. Mas mas oui oui

    I’ve got to give it to Paul & Wayne for seeing the high potential in this flower. She really is coming to light quite beautifully.

    I’ve got to have this.

    Hopefully more of the black models can coexist and all have extended & lucrative careers.

    If the NY F/W2010 runway was an indicator of things, I’d have to say that it seems like change is finally coming to the runway. We saw white, black, asian, hispanic and mixed race beauties all together and that in-and-of-itself was SO beautiful.

  15. Finally! Stellar cover! I’m so happy for her. I just hope she continues rising and rising. She’s had a fantastic fall winter 2010 in NY – here’s to Milan, Paris and London! 😀 x

  16. thank Janelle for erasing my comment..; ) maybe u haven t ever met her but if u ask to the ones whoa ctually did.. they will the same ..she doenst look like that at all…it s just a photoshop miracle

  17. Maybe it is just because I’m tired as hell but I’m going to respond to this insanity.

    a) Truman, I didn’t even delete your precious comment. Why does it never occur to anyone that comments are moderated by a separate person than the one who writes the article?

    b) I have met Rose several times

    c) Maybe you’ve never seen a picture by Mert and Marcus before but every single thing they’ve ever done relies heavily on Photoshop. If you don’t like it send all complaints to P.O. Box 6969 in Idiot Falls, Kansas. Whining about Photoshop in a picture by Mert and Marcus is like complaining about Terry Richardson’s use of flash…

  18. Janelle, you just make my day. (lmao) But it is a shame when only negatives are expressed by some MDC bloggers……ALL THE TIME. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I think it says little about the person who can never see positive in the images (covers, ads, edits), photoshop or not. As we extend congratulations to Miss Cordero, I find it absolutely insane that anyone would make it a point to do the opposite. If u dont have good to say EVER then why even waste time out of ur day to post anything at all?

  19. God she has definitely grown. When I first looked at her I thought she is boring as hell. Her runway walk is lovely Rose is lovely and she is definitely killing…I repeat killing it. I agree that there should be darker skinned models on the cover. Iagree that R’el is in progress, but damn she’s pretty unique. Jeneil or Ataui should be up next!

  20. Lolz…. to TrumanCapote for sprinkling up some extra needed spice to this wonderful forum……….

    Ahhhh Photoshop. Didn’t the Great Cindy Crawford once said she doesn’t wake up looking like the Cindy C?

    Duh! Of course I’m sure if you meet Rose Cordero she wont look like that. Rose’s images here are delivered by a team Experts ……. hair and makeup artists, A top photographer and retoucher. Lighting director etc. Rose serves a blank canvas.

    That is the model’s job.

  21. Liya Kebede isn’t fair-skinned, she’s brown skinned or medium toned.

    Skin tone diversity is highest in Africa (followed by India).

    Africa is also the most diversified geneological/pheological location on this planet.

    Being African dosen’t equal “dark-skinned”.

    In fact, Khoisan and indigenous Central Africans are the oldest living and genetically isolated or “pureest” African populations, and both of them are generally light skin or “yellow”. They’re 100% African.

    But generally pheological diversity is seen between individuals: ex. light skinned Africans have brown skinned and dark skinned siblings, who share thesame ancestry and origin, and indigenous African one.

    Africans can be naturally narrow featured, broad featured, creamy cloured, dark brown, wholly haired, straight haired, etc…

    Liya Kebede= brown skinned or medium toned
    FYI, most Africans would be considered brown skinned or medium toned, the two extremes rep. the minority.

    Fair skinned African- Nigerian models

    Also, most black models happen to be predomiantely dark skinned, not light or fair… so, whats your problem?

  22. Jenelle: Thank you for your comment… Its amazing how ill informed some people can be, and still have the nerve to talk shit!

  23. To Aki…(you misinterpret my use of “fairer”…..fairer means lighter than dark, not “light” skinned. and I’m black myself, so please dont lecture me.)

    My problem is this: how often do you see models of Alek’s complexion on the covers of magazine, in ad campaigns, or landing major contracts? VERY rarely. Almost never. Maybe once or twice a year, which is pathetic. It’s so sad how the industry will sprinkle black models here and there on the runways and in editorials, you know, the stuff that doesn’t pay as well. It’s time we saw A LOT more black models (and other models of color) CONSISTENTLY on the covers of magazines and in ad campaigns and landing major contracts. This is how the industry toys with people of color; giving them work to say they’re “diverse”, but not the kind of work that leads to mass exposure and long careers. For every one Naomi, Tyra, Beverly, Iman, Alek, Karen, Noemie, or Veronica, there are dozens of white counterparts.

    THAT is my problem.

  24. WOWWWW WOWWWWW WOWWWW WOOWWWWWW… THAT FACE… I really love the cover, color, clothes everything…..

    this should happen much more often… breathless.

  25. this will be one of those covers you recall in a decade when you get together with your fashion friends and talk about your favorite covers from vogue or bazaar
    just stunning.

  26. some people are taking this a bit more seriously than what it is. its fashion. she’s black no more how you put it. rose looks completely incredible. i always thought she was gorgeous since day one. she has a very distinctive look that i believe will help her go far. she looks amazing on this cover and spread. congrats rose! can’t wait to see more to come. i will definitely be going out to get this issue. which says alot, last mag i brought was vogue italia “all black issue”. all mags i buy have to have some significance to them and rose being on cover of paris is a beauty.

  27. love the cover love Rose, but was’nt the first black model for paris vogue cover was jamaican born Georgianna Robertson?

  28. -Jake

    OK… sorry for misinterpreting! =(

    But otherwise, I 100% agree with what your saying.

    But, really… the thing is most Africans don’t share the same complexion as Alek Wek, or even look like her. So I wouldn’t think it would be repersenting African people or women if all black models looked like Alek Wek. Now… if we had progressive and significant, i.e. longevity , black models with various skin tones, features,hair types, etc… models that showcased indigenous African diversity. < that would be hot!!

    Yasmin Warsame and Aminata Niaria are about the closest models I can think of right now that can actually physically repersent the vast majority of African women, i.e. pan-African looks.

    But other that, I 100% C/S

  29. Stunning- Saw her walk all the shows and she is amazing. Even got a chance to talk to her.- She has the cutest accent!

    I knew it would take some time but she would be big.- Very happy

  30. And oncee again… the race issue comes up.ahhh can’t we just say that Rose is a gogeous model who shot a gorgeous story and leave it at that? i guess not….

  31. You can’t shanila, the race issue has been the Big Pink elephant in the room. To combat that is to give a chance to other women of color. To expose the world to other form beauty not just of the Natalia’s and the Lara. And Zimmerman’s ( she’s predominantly German ) etc.

    Not just Black women either, Asian women too who are very very beautiful yet in my opinion are underrated.

    That’s why I love Naomi Campbell. Love her or hate her, she’s been single handedly ( maybe unknowingly ) the constant face of diversity.

  32. Cover is lovely but like some others have said, it is obviously photoshopped. Look at the lower half of her face here and compare it to some candids of her. The angles of the lower half in her candids are a little bit off, whereas they’re perfect here.

  33. Rosa is not “black” she’s dominican and shes a proud dominican as im proud to see a Beautiful model on the cover of Paris Vogue.. And to those who say this picture is photoshopped.. MOST OF THEM ARE… BUT regardless ive met Rosa Several times and shes just as Beautiful… And what makes her even MORE beautiful is her personality and her sweet fun humble personality she knows how blessed she is.

  34. She looks much softer in these pictures than I’m used to her seeing, and I like this. She looks beautiful in this cover.

  35. OK LOVE THIS…But WTF is going on with her legs in the last pic…thats pretty bad re-touch job for M/M…

  36. More black models are needed!!! Really nice cover. I am so tired of seeing white white white. More ethnic folks PLEASE!

  37. -Johanni

    Rose isn’t African-American, i.e. black American or simply an American citizen of African descent.

    But she is black or African.

    The Dominican Republic is a country on the island of Hispaniola, Haiti also shares the same island. Both Dominicans and Haitians are genetically predominantly African.

    Rose is Dominican, but she’s also African or black.

    For comparison,

    Hilary Rhoda is American, but she’s also European or white.

  38. I think what Johnnie is trying to clear out is that all these comments have been refering to Rose as African and not one has noted that her nationality is Dominican, “The Ethiopian or African race has a black complexion, a rather low forehead, a broad, flat nose, thick lips, thin beard and woolly hair.”
    Rose is dark complexion and woolly hair, but evidently she is missing some features of the race and this is what makes her exotic.
    This cover is just great because she is beautiful, it symbolizes the triumph of a color, a small country and a whole way of thinking! Great job Rose! You and Arlenis Sosa rock!!!

  39. I can’t get over this…it’s so dang gorgeous. Rose is not just beautiful for a black woman, she is beautiful for ANY woman.

  40. I love how upset some of my fellow BLACK AMERICANS get when some people object to being African. I know people from several different countries in Africa and guess what….they acknowledge us as a complete different race of people about as different as an Italian would an Asian.

  41. Rose never interested me to be honest. More power to her. I would much rather see Georgie Baddiel, Aminata Niara, R’el dade….hell hawa diawara was fierce and I still have yet to see her in a few years. Rose is boring, but as I said before more power to her.

  42. and for the record….Dominicans are lovely…but the fashion industry needs to stop recognizing a race…then overkill with it! Does it really matter that much?

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