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Great casting makes the story, Vogue is always filled with familiar faces, but the ones that stand out most are the first timers. This month several girls make their debut: Steven Meisel‘s ladylike editorial boasts American Vogue first timers, Freja Beha Erichsen, Mirte Maas and Rianne Ten Haken (who returns to the pages of Vogue six years after her last appearance in 2004) alongside Wintour favorites like Karlie Kloss, Liya Kebede and Lara Stone. The photography is excellent and Grace Coddington provides her quintessential stylist’s touch but the girls are what make this story worthwhile.






  1. yeah, i would never picture freja in american vogue. since you know anna seems to hate edgy haha but wow wow, grace is definitely great… if i could just iron flat her hair!!!! lol

  2. Karlie Kloss is giving me a Blake Lively vibe, Don’t you think?

    Lara becoming a full figured model to me.

  3. i adore Rianne Ten Haken on the 2 amazing story for italain vogue but here she looks abosutley volgar…as much as anyone else look boring… how many years we ll still be obliged to see the same images taken over n over with differt clothes? doesnt even matter if Meisel or Demarchelier or Sims s the photographer whne Wintour just wants the same boring stuff

  4. Please Don’t Shoot me!

    but upon closer look. And forget it’s Lara Stone.

    Ain’t Lara look like a regular teen chubby girl without eyebrows you saw hanging out in the mall?


    The rest of the girls are definitely Modelos!

  5. Liya.. My Love! I love her so much. Freja looks great.

    Here, Rianne Ten Haken does it for me. She’s just so amazing. And how wonderful to see her back on the NY runway.

  6. With a 24 inch waist, Lara is far from “a regular teen chubby girl without eyebrows you saw hanging out in the mall”…..

    I cannot believe how twisted you all must be to think she is anywhere near full figured. She has big boobs and she kind of has some curves.. Big fucking deal.

  7. Completely agree, AJP. You hit the nail on the head with that one. Lara is not a bone and I doubt she ever will be but she works it and looks great.

  8. Who is the first model? she’s stunning, liya kebede looks flawless and the others look so boring

    How can anyone call Lara chubby!!! She is slim! At least she aint some stick, the second picture them girls need a burger, Lara is fine the way she is

  9. Mirte is just not for American Vogue, Rianne looks wonderful, Freja looks different but really beautiful, and I must admit that Lara looks impeccable.

  10. This ed is very stunning. I luv all the pictures with Rianne in it.

    I actually flipped through the issue this is in, and I found that Patricia Van Der Vliet and Abbey Lee Kershaw have made their American Vogue debut as well, but Karlie Kloss is in there as well, which brings down the value a little.

    I don’t hate Karlie, but “Kloss fever” as I call it, is getting a bit boring.

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