The Look of Day 3


The days go by faster and faster but there is always time to look back at our favorite moments. Right now were loving the beautiful smoky eyes from Lacoste: what better way to offset the bright, sporty clothes than with shades of black and grey on the eyes. Not to mention the fact that It looked lovely on the girls, Kristina K and Julija Step were gorgeous.


Another day, another dress to discuss – Peter Som’s collection was filled to the brim with color and pattern and the black silk dress on Emma Pei, exemplifies the artistic and madcap spirit of the entire collection.

Alexander Wang always has choice accessories (you can’t even open up a magazine nowadays without seeing the ubiquitous ‘Coco’ bag) this season it was all about the booties. It is amazing how practical these manage to look – who says you can’t have style and substance all at once.

  1. Love that blowtorched look on the Wang Booties.

    The Booties at Helmut Lang were nuts!!

    The cowel necks at Adam were interesting in a way.