1. Raquel Overload? I’m tired already.

    2nd Pic is FAIL.

    on a lighter note, she does look like Lady GaGa and Ke$ha.

  2. I must admit also, Raquel really is overused 🙁 I enjoy her modeling but it’s just TOO much, it has been for a while.

  3. JANELLE!!!! You are my hero of the week!!
    Holy Moly. Too true, too true!

    Raquel is the man!

    The 2nd image rocks as does the 1st. I can pass on the 3rd but I still like it in a way.
    One can never get enough Raquel. As long as she continues to do a great job then all is well. And she’s really representing for the presence and relevance of models her age! Kudos.

  4. I want to see MORE AND MORE RAQUEL! She always delivers and is, by far, THE BEST editorial model! Love the pics!

  5. I actually think there isn’t enough of Raquel.
    Totally different from ALL the other girls. More gifted, she’s very talented, really good at her job.

  6. First of all, I love the nail polish. Secondly…

    The majority of these opinions make me laugh. I don’t think Rsquel ever fails to deliver–she deserves all the hype shes earned. The shot of her in the Balmain dress is orgasmic.

  7. All I’m saying is, there’s thousand more girls out there who are looking to be booked for a job. Raquel already reached status icon, its about time to share some work to some 17 yr old struggling model who may equally do the job or better.

  8. But Peter, personally, I don’t want to see another thousand more struggling models. Bravo to Raquel for her staying power! What’s wrong with a few that can actually stick around for a while. Enough of the assembly line b.s. She might have reached “icon status” with the fashion world and model fandom, but really…who knows who she is outside of these circles? If Raquel were to leave the scene now, she would be hardly remembered except by us.

  9. Peter,

    Clients keep coming back to Racquel because she’s good at what she does, that’s why she’s one of the top model in the world.

    If you were Racquel, would you purposely turn down the offer so that other ‘struggling’ models could book the job?

    I don’t think so..

  10. I guess Raquel doesn’t inspire me anymore.

    I don’t mind a top model who sticks around because they’re truly inspirational. From Kristen, Kate to Lara and Sasha, these girls are truly out of the box beauties that brings more extra to the table, just by their faces alone. Raquel, to me isn’t like that. But yes she’s an excellent model.

    I want to be inspired, shocked and amused when I see a spread.

    Don’t you think?

  11. Right now, Anna Selezneva is doing it for me. Her body is truly amazing and her look is captivating. She has that extra something. ……my current favorite!

  12. I get what you’re saying Peter. It’s not that i’m bagging on Raquel, we all know she’s a fantastic model but there is such a thing has overused, and Raquel is definetely in that bracket. I feel like laying out her work not cohesive manner is much better than a compressed manner which is what’s going on with her. IDK, it’s just way too much for me I suppose.

  13. Thanks laila.

    I bet all these fans are the same one screaming ” diversity blah blah blah” on fashion……

    Well guess what? Raquel keep booking all the jobs, LOL!

    This has nothing to do with her, because Raquel is the most professional and excellent model, but lets admit she’s overused.

  14. I agree w/ what Kim says to a certain degree. While I do not want to see tons of new faces ALL of the time, it would be refreshing when it feels like it’s the same girl over and over [Karlie for US Vogue anyone?]. Anyway, it only does a model’s career any good if she keeps popping up like Raquel is doing. I might be on her side because I’m a fan but nonetheless…I’m not sick of her just yet.


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