Sessilee Lopez returns to the pages of Vogue Italia with a vengeance. The July cover girl and Meisel favorite is becoming a regular between the pages of the hallowed fashion glossy. With her arresting presence and ability to morph into whatever character she’s portraying Sessilee adds an avant-garde edge to everything she touches.

Sessilee Lopez by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia October 2008

  1. Gosh Sessilee is nothing less than phenomenal.
    Thank the lord this woman is getting her much deserved lime light.
    I pray she makes it all the way to the top!

  2. finally i have been waiting for her moment i have tracked her for a long time and have always looked up to her she is amazing from the inside out sessilee if zour reading this zou deserved all that is coming your way plus some i really cant wait to see what else this girl has to offer cause i know her work will always be loved by many and many more the photos are amazing we have a classic stunning supermodel in our hands i cant wait to see more¨!!!!!!

  3. I see ur doing big things in these vogue mags and all and i wish many and much more success in ur modeling career. I guess i get to say i had dinner/breakfast with a diva lol take care.

  4. I have never seen her in person on the runways before but from pictures…..SHE IS THE BEST FEMALE MODEL!!!!!

    and just to be clear…….not the best black model…..the very best female editorial model. Sess….don’t let those white girls up on your secrets lol

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