1. I get sooo annoyed w/ people who can only respond w/ “They’re only famous cause of their parents.” I actually enjoy Dree Hemingway regardless of her parents or whatever. SOMETIMES you have to take things for what they are instead of trying to make some failed statement on society’s acceptance of people.

    PS: the collage and the last shot w/ Dree kicking that leg up are my faves from this.


  2. I like his collages, but given uniformity of his subjects and settings for, oh, some thirty years, this is a nice change. She looks vital and full of life here. This is good.

  3. Dree Hemingway is like a Ball of energy and is very “alive” in front of the camera.

    I love this Girl!

  4. Oh who cares if Dree has a famous last name, I’ve grown to love her in her latest editorials, sure being a Hemingway is probably how it was easy for her to get in the business, but it’s the talent that keeps her in it, or do you see Ivanka Trump still modeling?

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