Calvin Klein Live


Calvin Klein today announced that they will present live broadcasts of their Fall 2010 runway shows taking place during New York Fashion Week. Both shows will be held in New York City this season and will be broadcast in real time via the brands’ official website and Facebook page.

The men’s Fall 2010 Calvin Klein Collection runway show will be broadcast live at 2:00pm EST on Sunday, February 14th, while the women’s Fall 2010 Calvin Klein Collection show will broadcast at 3:00pm EST on Thursday, February 18th. Both shows will appear exclusively and simultaneously on the brands’ dedicated website at Calvin Klein and on their Facebook page at A live chat function will be on the brands’ Facebook page.

  1. I think I’m so out of the loop with this whole Facebook because I’ve never had an account, but can anyone tell me if you have to have an account in order to be able to see the shows.