Snap. Crackle. Pop!

Is 2010 the year of Abbey Lee Kershaw? The Aussie model continues her unstoppable editorial domination with not one, but two covers of Pop. Shot by famed artist, Richard Prince, the covers feature Abbey looking very wild west and almost reminiscent of Sam Haskin’s classic ‘Cowboy Kate’. Which cover will you be picking up?



Abbey Lee by Richard Prince | Image Credt, fearless 123 @ tFS

  1. now THIS is a cover!! i like them both, but i think i prefer the one where she is looking head on at the camera. there is something so special about abbey lee!

  2. TOTALEMENT figée, she looks 13. A model can play anything she doesn’t have what it takes…with her body she can play sensuality but not with her facial expression.

  3. Mark my words…… this girl will be the next Gisele in terms of success – she’s tall, lean, beautiful but unusual & is booking jobs like there’s no tomorrow.

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