Born To Model

French Revue De Modes kicks off another season with thirteen collectable issues featuring the seasons most coveted faces – among them Arlenis Sosa, Eniko Mihalik, Olga Sherer, Ksenia Kahnovich and a slew of rising stars. Thierry Le Gouès, captures each cover girl at their finest within the ‘Born to Model’ feature.

Olga Sherer, Arlenis Sosa, Eniko Mihalik and Ksenia Kahnovich by Thierry Le Gouès for French Revue | Scans by jey47key at tFS

  1. Ksenia Kahvonich looks so delicate, so fragile, beautiful! I also love the 2 Australian girls Abbey Lee and Sarah Stephens. … Sarah has 2 covers but a shame she has been named incorrectly on both.
    All are beautiful images though.

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