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Peter Lindbergh‘s photographic style is instantly recognizable: all you need to do is take one look at his latest story in Numero to see all the hallmarks of his work. The dramatic black and white images with their cinematic scope make, Anna Selezneva seem larger than life, but there is still something delicate about them, once again Lindbergh brings out the very best in his subjects.





Image Credit | Scan by Carla A at tFS

  1. I just cannot get into her. I agree with the other comment here about her look. Watch this comment be deleted..ugh

  2. no not a good look at all. for gods sake just start using a actual mannequin. it would be easier on everyone.

  3. Wonder if’s writer , just has a rational eye when commenting those images ?! do I really think she looks Gorgeous and Divine ?! NO ! seriously by removing the most shocking pictures where Anna is way too skinny, this industry is selling us a dream ,full of deception !
    please keep my comment it’s a free country everyone has a different opinion and that should be respected .

  4. I think this is so beautiful and inspiering. This is what I want to do with my future. She inspieres me to make beautiful pictures:) this is a work of art and the black and white could not make more of a difference in photography. Love it <3

  5. i am a big fan of peter’s work, always was…. would be nice to see one day a new peter style ( him of course) …..nick knight , solve …show us every season a new evolution of what they do…unbelievably inspiring…. cant wait for peter lindbergh to show us all again how its done …pete lindbergh style 2010 …haha ! …;)

  6. I love it!!! She looks like she needs some rice and beans and an iv needle of nourishment into her body. She looks pretty amazing though.

  7. Honestly, sure she looks skinny, but she’s a model. thats what she’s paid for.
    She looks great,I love the black and white.

  8. I can see what he means when he says he prefers working with older models. These pics are pretty vacant. She’s a terrific model generally but not here.

  9. The only ones who can complain about models being too skinny is the models. If you don’t like it why are you looking?

    I think Anna looks stunning here!!

  10. come on, skinny doesnt mean u have to be sick. I am skinny the same way she is. And i feel very well and not killing myself by diets.Sometimes it is just a habit of ur body.
    And Anna looks fabulous!

  11. Hahaha…Elvire,yes!!
    She really has that bone structure..,has she?What else one could write anyway when cant see nothing BUT THE BONES on her..

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