Iris Strubegger, brings her haunting grace to the pages of Vogue Italia with the help of Mert & Marcus. There are fashion stories and then there are editorials with the creativity and insight to inspire. ‘The New Vision’ presents a heightened reality that gives Iris free reign to display her chameleonic abilities – every pose is infused with an elegance and vulnerability that elevates her posing to the level of performance.

Iris Strubegger (Supreme) by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Vogue Italia October 2008

  1. I love her! There’s something about her that’s so magnetic, she’s been a favorite of mine from the start.

  2. im glad she is showing her versatilty. and she is so working this hair.
    vogue italia 2 in couple of months??? great work!!!!

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