1. Love Frida…so gorgeous and so innocent on runway..lithe and delicate…with story like this one above, just show how amazing she is. such versatility…but isn’t shes like 16 years old

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW! Miguel Reveriego is one of the few consistently creative fashion photographers..I mean he utilizes his unique photographic style with the most amazing retouching color palates and techniques. Amazing. Click on his name (link) above and see his previous editorials. they are all creative and great.


  3. She is one of our favorite girls and this can only make us like her more! The sexy late 80’s vibe, with the shades and shadows works perfectly for her, and she can work the editorial pages like no-one else!

  4. Have you seen how most 16 year olds act and dress? I don’t think her poses are that sexually-charged at all and plus she shows she is versatile and I can appreciate that.

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