Top of the Heap

Adrien in Raf Simons, Charlie in Hermes, Robbie in YSL. (images from via tFS)

The men’s designers in Paris have spoken and their favorite models are the next generation of top faces. Adrien Sahores (one of the Prada campaign faces), after a small but stellar showing in Milan, exploded in the City of Lights booking more than 10 of the top brands. Following close on his heels are 2 other former newcomers to watch, Charlie France, who was available for the first time on the open market after his 2 seasons of exclusivity, and Robbie Wadge, another Englishman blessed with the elfin boyish beauty favored this season in France.

Our top 10 walkers Fall/Winter 2010 for Milan/Paris (based on number of shows, caliber of shows and number of times opening and closing):

1-Charlie France
2-Bastiaan Ninaber
3-Benoni Loos
4-Jakob Hybholt
5-William Eustace
6-Matvey Lykov
7-Philipp Bierbaum
8-Robbie Wadge
9-Nicolas Ripoll
10-Simon Nessman

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  1. Charlie really worked it out! as did William, Phillipp, Nicolas and the rest of the list.

    You know, interestingly enough,

    I thought the most beautiful and breathtaking guy in both Milan/Paris was Zakaria Khiare. Loved him last menswear season too.

    The second he sets foot onto the runway, it just becomes this moment of beauty! And such a solid stride. Incredibely stunning. Too bad he didn’t land a few more shows but the future is bright.

  2. They looked great last season.

    Personally and Especially, Phillipe Bierbaum and Nicolas Ripoll looked impressive.

    Besides, there were many other impressive boys last Lanvin.

  3. congrats to all three. will this kind of boy work for more than a few seasons? a sign of the times? the girls have been looking like clones for a few years now too…

  4. Congratulations to Nicolás Ripoll, is one of the top models from Argentina.
    He looks so good!
    See you!

  5. It was Zakaria Khiare’s first season, he only did paris, and i think he did best of all and my FAVORITE new face!

  6. Yes is was his first season Anventina. I made a wittle Booboo.

    But no, he did Milan also; Versace, and a couple of others. I forget Which, but you could find out.

    He’s my favorite runway face right this second. I wonder how he’ll translate to print, looking forward to seeing his evolution. He’s amazing.

  7. Yes so amazing. should make a profile of him i think.
    im looking forward to see the evolution of Zakria, he did really great!

  8. Here we are at a very pivotal point in the fasion industry for male modeling. Right now it’s very hard to find “true” male model beauty. Like for instance with Michael Tintiuc. It’s very rare to find male beauty like his in the fashion industry. It’s almost as if the industry doesn’t want true male beuty to be showcased. Perhaps they are in fear that this true male beauty will foreshaddow which means eclipse the so called female model beauty. It may take some time but eventually it will arrive in full. It’s as if they’re afraid to show long-haired true male model beauty… Still models like Michael Tintiuc will continue to come and indeed when they do fully arrive it will be an awesome sight!!!

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