Natural Wonder

Vogue Nippon, takes us into the world of Camilla Akrans, with an editorial that is soft and sexy at the same time. Styled by Sissy Vian and featuring Spring’s delicate and lacy best, the story is a wonderful showcase for both the new fashions and model, Anja Rubik, who brings her A-game, as always. The muted colors, the natural scenery and that adorable little lamb, create an idealized picture of country life – a theme that has been cropping up in Spring’s editorial pages.





Image Credit | Fashion Screen

  1. Snakes, Sheep and Haystack…..what does this Anja really can’t do???

    The Girl is scorching Hot this Year!!!!!

    This is shaping up as Anja’s year, perhaps?


  2. Natasha Poly better steps up her Game, Anja is giving her the run for “The go to Girl for Expensive Luxury Brands”

  3. She is completely lost in the first image. All I see is white shoes attached to long legs!!
    Second and forth image at least up to a professional standard.
    Sorry but needs a bit more for me to love.

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