1. Daria is so as beautiful as a woman can get. She is flawless. Breathtaking. And Lara looks mighty good as well. Two of the best models working today. And Daria is my all time favorite.

  2. All Girls are Beautiful. Kristen has the strongest look of all.

    Nigel S was talking about the strenght and tension in posing for this particular shoot, and looking at Kristen, I finally see his point.

    All girls are fabulous and brave. Kristen just gave it an extra push.

    Love, indeed!

  3. All is beautiful but Daria is perfect, a model’s body. Did you notice Lars’ right hip’s bone is funny in the photo?

  4. Oh my God.. Hustler..you are Godsend!

    Naomi wins for best cover hands down!
    Or arms up..?!

    She looks most incredible.
    If there were ever to be a Naomi Biopic, I hereby nominate Kerry Washington.(Felt that way for a few years now).

    Buying this one only. Viva Naomi.

  5. One day left before Love hits the newstands so i’m guessing there will be one more cover, who do we think it will be ? Linda, Kate, Gisele, Carolyn, Shalom, a newbie ??

    Place your bets.. 🙂

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