The Many Faces of Sean


Sean O’Pry. Ph: Fabien Baron for Calvin Klein Watches/Jewelry S/S 10

Is it ever NOT a Sean O moment? A virtual chameleon in front of the lens, Sean always manages to magnify and elevate the brand whatever the message may be. Here, he smolders in Calvin Klein Jeans/Watches  (by Fabien Baron) and soon to appear in the cK Jeans (by Sebastian Kim). His various campaigns this season (click here to see them all) shows off the modeling virtuoso at his finest.


cK Jeans by Sebastian Kim.

  1. The above picture solidifies his status as the upcoming Number 1 male model.

    We all know that Sean Opry was on a brink of super Stardom. The picture above will give him “his Moment” . enuff said!

  2. He’s my age and i cant even imagine how well off he must be with all these campaigns. The industry afforded me some success but all these campaigns are insane!

  3. has the full potential to be a true long runner. too young now, but once he grows into his body and masculinity, watch out! congrats, sean.

  4. He is surly the number 1 man in the business, hes campaign runnings can not be compared with any other male at the momment

  5. I think it’s time to shoot a new Acqua Di Gio face-ad-editorial…lars looks great but too long….and really there is only one face that deserves the spot….o’pry.

  6. Baptiste is great but there is no question that there’s something weird going on here. Sean O work’s with more than one client and photographer! … He is too obviously #1. Whats going on MDC??!

  7. Here we are with these shots, and we say Baptiste is the number one male model. Come on… let’s give credits to this guy.

  8. sean o’pry is definately the number one model at the model and a long runner. but, how can someone at his age (only 20 year old) can look in his early 30ish?? it’s strange..

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