American Beauty Part 2

Emily DiDonato. Ph Sebastian Kim for CK Jeans POS. Image courtesy of Request

The fact that Calvin Klein is a star making brand is legendary. Witness last fall’s POS campaign with a certain Jersey girl with the initials JJ who is surging towards stardom. This season, Emily DiDonato (first seen on Feed in 2008 as a fresh faced newcomer) does the honors for CK Jeans, photographed by Sebastian Kim. Adding to her already covetable Maybelline contract, Emily shows that she indeed, can do it all.

  1. Hot picture. I like Emily a lot. I have the feeling that some people feel she is to commercial but if given the chance I think she can edge it out.

  2. I just love that girl, she’s stunning, healthy and professional. She has the makings of a very long career, unlike many of the new faces out now.

  3. wow wow wow emily’s career is amazing. I think the modeling world could have a modeling star, if they give her the chance! all she needs now is to be on covers. the girl is flawless, and proving to be quite versatile!

  4. beautiful girl, but I don’t know what you mean by stardom? outside the fashion industry folks don’t even know who lara stone is, and if you mention KK, people will not think karolina kurkova, instead they will think kim kardashian

  5. Dayum everyone really is lying down in their Spring 2010 campaigns! Poor models, must be a bit tired from all their work lol. But anyway, stunning picture, stunning girl.

  6. i need more pictures to be convinced.

    Is it just me or It’s the Model who makes the brand and not really the other way around.

    Kate moss really reinvent Calvin Klein back in the 90’s

    I have yet to see a Face that will launch/re-launch a Brand.

  7. peter emily who is right! she is only 18 and has already booked some major things in such a short amount of time and young age! that is why she will (or possibly) could be a future big time model! I think she is as beautiful as a 90’s model. that is rare these days…

  8. the closest thing to a model branding is….

    Adriana Lima’s face and boobs for Victoria’s Secret.

  9. I wish they would put her in the main CK campaign with Jamie.. who needs Eva?? I havnt even seen a single one of her films lol

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