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Sometimes inspired casting can make a story, case in point Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadins latest editorial in Vogue Paris. The mammoth story is half studio shoot / half travelogue and features a host of talented models; the Morocco shots are all about Freja, Lara & Dree, but the indoor photos have Vogue Paris familiars Isabeli Fontana, Raquel Zimmermann and Naomi Campbell working those dynamic poses. Newcomers Anna de Rijk and Martin Cohn also make strong showings within the story and there is even a special appearance by comeback kids Talisa Soto and Tanga Moreau.












Martin | Image Credit, Angel Scans

  1. Isabeli Fontana- The Biggest Secret of VS is why Isabeli never made it as a premier ANGEL? Last year she was the most beautiful model who walk their fashion show. In Print, Isabeli is the most alluring, sexiest and sensuous Supermodel that can rival Stephanie Seymour, VS legendary original Angel.


  2. Amazing! This is definitely Anna’s best shot yet. Naomi – Reine de Mode – Rebirth!

    Isabeli…Le Grande Dame. This woman is poised to be a most revered face in fashion history. She isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Especially when morphing the way she can. (She image above) Masterclass!

    Everyone is bringing some good ol’ A game!

    …Martin looks like Gaga

  3. Wow Naomi looks AMAZING, either she’s looking better as she gets older or they did a really good job retouching.

    Anna is so delicate, a very refined face.

    Isabeli, boring pic (weird coming from her) but still the most gorgeous face ever.

    Raquel is a star, I don’t understand how anyone could NOT like her.

    Talisa still looking as good as the young models.

    And whoever Martin is has a very intriguing face.

  4. Anna looks like a Young CHARLOTTE RAMPLING mix w Eva Green.

    Martin is Chloe Sevigny meets Lady GaGa

    what do you think?

  5. Wow, Raquel looks beautiful. Love the rock n roll thing and lipstick! never seen her in that light before.

  6. i thought martin cohn was a male model and wanted to be an actor. is he crossing the line to also model female clothes? i mean he’s good looking and has the androgynous look, but…just a bit odd.

  7. yes! Anna looks like Charlotte Rampling, tis totally on the spot right. She has that well bred angular classic look to a t and those lofty blue eyes.

  8. Martin Cohn is the most beautiful—really beats the girls with his classic beauty. I really liked him better before he bleached his hair though.

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