1. God Forbid these shoes. Very Ugly!

    It looked ridiculous on Lara Stone (see Moroccan Holiday).

    Great design, but its not wearable, come on, guys!

  2. But Let’s not Forget the fact that if these are real snakes (not CGI), Raquel is the most Badass B8tch!!@@#$$$$

    She’s One Fearless MOFO! lol

  3. I love it. Raquel is indeed badass.

    @ Peter. Who cares whether or not the shoes are wearable. It’s fun. NO one is forcing anyone to wear these shoes. It’s in the hands (or on the feet) of the consumer who chooses to do so.

    It may have not worked on Lara in the Moroccan spread but Daphne and Gaga certainly worked it out.

    I’d love to see someone strutting down 5th in these. Sure we will in a couple months. Fun is the name of the game.

  4. I have a very high respect for Raquel after this. Is there anything more this Girl Can’t do?

  5. @ PETER
    LOL @ “Raquel is a bad ass bi*ch! and you’re right those shoes did not work for Lara, but c’mon compare RAQUEL “THE QUEEN” ZIMMERMANN with lara is almost a sin!! :D!!!
    That’s a whole lotta WOMAN!!!
    I’m agree MDC this is by far one of the best if not the best campaign of the season, then Gucci with my other girl THE NEXT QUEEN NATASHA!

  6. Alexander McQueen eh ou,
    Love him and the shoes but i’m so afraid of snakes , hope they are fake LOL

  7. LOL @ Peter. “stumbling”. I second that!

    I just realized that this is in the sand!!
    :-D. Has McQ heard my whispers?

    Will I get what I wanted to see? A model in the entire get up, hair et al, (like that dramatic closing show image that MDC posted up a while back) standing on the edge of a sand dune in the Sahara?
    A singular alien, walking off into the setting desert sun.. I’d just die!

  8. @LD, hahah maybe that guy mario means that this adversiment looks so Celebrity-styled wich means disgusting

  9. @Nigel……Can you imagine Rachel Zoe ( she’s one of those dying to “kill it” to wear this, I’m sure! ) walking on 5th, and stumbled down on the ground and unable to get up? People will say “Lady , are you crazy? what were you thinking????”

  10. well Love it or Hate it ( Im sure this is his point )………..Alexander McQueen is a Genius!!!

    A Peerless Vizionaire, who’s Light Years ahead….

  11. I wish this had been photoshopped a bit better. If they’d paid attention to keeping the light source more or less consistent, this would have been significantly better.

  12. No…. it all looks so fake/Photoshopped. Argh. You have all the best : McQueen,Rachel, Money… and the result is this?! Oh please, who´s fucking this up?! Wake up Alex!

  13. @Alisa…. I couldnt agree more!!

    Whats the point of shooting “real snakes” if youre going to make them look like CGI?? McQueens collection was unbelievable, and Nick Knight is so amazing, but this photo is not the one.

    Maybe/Hopefully it looks better in print!



  14. Is McQueen selling clothes or snakes? All I see is snakes. Poor her if they are all real, I have no ball to do it, honestly. This is the same one in McQueen’s S/S 2010 show opening video.
    This is the most talked-about campaign of the season.

  15. The Olive Garden comment is right on the nail.
    The ad is very salad-like isn’t it?! True Alisa, a touch more gradation would’ve created more drama. But it’s still an artistic composition at the end of the day.

    Did we just diffuse the magic?..
    Hmm nope! (took a sec to contemplate)
    The magic’s back!

    Rachel Zoe falling in these shoes would be a gut-buster of epic proportions.

  16. Can you name 3 actresses who can rock this shoes at the red carpet? my list will be:

    Charlize Theron
    Blake Lively
    JLo ( she’s old, but a risk taker )

    who’s on your list?

  17. I am a fan of the campaign. I read a lot of nonsense. The shoes are a very interesting and creative design. So was the clothes for the season. The campaign looks very alive and apparently has gotten in the mouth of a lot of people. That’s what it is meant to do. As for comparing Raquel to Lara is dumb. We have our opinions and I’m personally a Lara fan, but a body like Raquel’s would work better for this collection and campaign. And I’m glad because I would have guessed he would’ve done an obvious Pan’s Labyrinth style campaign, but he didn’t. He did the sand and it works. My favorite campaign this season, and the Gucci as well just to throw it out there.

  18. RE: Peter

    *Bai Ling, most certainly
    *Bjork perhaps
    *And I’d have to agree w/ Charlize

    She’d looked great in the forest green. We’re in for a hefty dose @ the Met Costume Gala I bet. I’d frickin’ wear a pair if I had the chance truth be told. Show ya how to walk like a real fashion baby!

    A part of me is burning to see Vivienne Westwood in a pair. Burning I tell you!
    Though.. she may end up in a stretcher for real… j/k. She could strap icebergs to her feet and fair just fine. Divinity!

  19. Nigel S. You need to wear one already, and strut your stuff! Just leave your dignity at the door……lol Kidding!

  20. Not only is McQueen one of the most daring designers working now, his campaigns are the stuff that creative dreams are made of.
    An innovator in all aspects and this particular ad is no exception.

  21. awesome.probably the best campaign for the new season.. it just gets you excited, and interested.and it’s not just about the snakes.

    balenciaga was an epic fail.

  22. wow this is an incredible work, mcqueen’s work is unique and this photography makes it even gorgeous, i love the photo this is a great shot

  23. This is one of the best and artistic campaigns I have ever seen! Clothes are not realistically wearable but a nice photo! Its a great editorial photo but I dont know if its good as an ad since the clothes are so hidden. I would prefer less snakes though and more clothes! Other than that I am in love with this from the moment i layed eyes on it!!! WOW

  24. It’s just Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!so colorful,so luxurious,with those crazy shoes,Raquel presents an Fabulous work!!!!!

  25. CoLoURific

    Zimmerman lends herself well to Madness…..
    McQueen can drink himself sober…

    I have to say McQueen ,,,,Watch McQueen…What will he do for an encore ….after this…..I will NOT take my eyes off of Alexander NOT for a moment..

    Pleasently surprised


  26. Wait until you guys catch Raquel all livened up and shakin’ her groove thang in Gareth Pugh’s “Tonight Matthew”. She’s truly of another world!

  27. Love Mcqueen, Raquel and Nick Knight and this ad is cool…although its looks a bit 90’s Versace, until you get to the shoes, and I don’t like her face in this…Avedon (If he were still alive) would have worked this out a bit more, or Guido Mocafico, who had a whole book out on rare and exotic snakes…but its still eye-catching.

  28. This ad is much better with less snakes.

    It really is a snakes overload. All you see are snakes!

    They could make more of a statement if it’s only Raquel, the beautiful clothes and that shoes, if she’s laying with only one or two Big snake!

    The colors are too much assault for the eyes, too.

  29. I am quite disappointed with the photoshop job in this ad. Although the snakes, background and shadows are poorly done, what really confuses me, is that the shoe on her left leg (the one shown in full) doesn’t seem to be connected to a leg at all. Where is her calf? It looks like her left leg extends straight off the page, but they added some snakes and photoshopped that shoe in to look like her leg is bent. Overall it’s a nice idea poorly executed. I love McQueen and he can do better!

  30. I love this ad for “shock” value.

    For sheer elegance and optimum class, GUCCI with Natasha Poly wins, hands down.

    Finally, Natasha Poly found her niche in the competitive campaign world.

    She’s the most Expensive Money Girl. Unattainable Class and Glamour. She exudes wealth, beauty and power!

  31. If these snakes are real, then we have no doubt why Raquel is number one! The girl can WORK IT even with tons of snakes upon her! I loved it

  32. @LD um hello? where have you been? he premiered bad romance in his spring show and she subsequently wore the shoes and clothes in the music video.

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