Alpha Male

Noah Mills takes on the male fantasy as an impossibly suave ladies man in the new GQ. Shot expertly by Miles Aldridge the colorful editorial has Mills seducing the stunning Valerie Avdeyeva, driving fast cars and tying the perfect knot in his Purple Label tie – gentleman take note!

Noah Mills and Valerie Avdeyeva by Miles Aldridge for GQ October 2008

  1. this is disgusting and offensive, even for me as a male. this is exactly the kind of chauvinistic …. that made me unsubscribe from this magazine

  2. While I can see where this could be considered a bit chauvinist I have to say that this is a relatively tame editorial compared to what we see in publications like Purple. If this reminds of anything it’s of the sort of pre-sexual revolution depiction of American masculinity one finds on shows like Mad Men.

    As for how offensive it is, I suppose it depends on the viewer. Good to hear other opinions though.


  3. C’mon.

    This is 50s, certainly 80s, and a bit of now. Does fashion and art have a responsibility to reimagine or can it simply refect?

    If you deny the latter you are become a censor and undermine your right as an adult to decide and discuss.

  4. so the man gets to keep his clothes one, while the woman is continuously objectified.
    Janelle, there was a reason for the sexual revolution- and maybe it’s time for another to take place so we finally get over this misogynistic ideal of the “alpha male”.

    This is absolute horrifying. It’s one thing to have editorial art, it’s another that GQ keeps on shoving this image of the ideal male down our throats. It’s damaging to both women and men.

  5. Just one more thing. “Mad Men” is a very poignant social commentary. This is clearly glorifying the hyper-masculine dominant heterosexual male in the modern day and age, particularly where the woman is wearing fetish shoes in the elevator!
    Both of the models should be ashamed for even participating in this.
    I’m so sick of GQ. I hope one day people wake up and realize how horrifyingly offensive it is.

  6. Clearly this is very bad art direction and quite non-fashion. I always find it quite strange when a magazine that bills itself as a men’s fashion publication has to add women in it, looking very trashy and tacky. At first glance I thought the girl was a cheap hooker, and from the look of what she is wearing it is truly something a low budget prostitute would wear. An as for the man, what a boring fashion story, at least make the suit looking appealing. I have no problem with sexy images, just as long as they are done in a very stylish way. What I do have a problem with is tasteless and tacky images. You can not call yourself a fashion magazine and have the man in pointless clothing and the woman looking like a cheap whore. Also get a new creative team for the magazine if you think this is FASHION!!

  7. Does anyone know the model/collection of the shades in the 1st shot ? I know they are Giorgio Armani…Think They´re really cool

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