Bits and Bytes: VNY by JD

JD’s “review” of superhot men’s agency VNY: JD Vision

The Nude Male by Collier Schorr, Sam Taylor Wood, Ryan Pfluger, et al: Ryan’s blog

Interview cover with Marc Jacobs as Andy Warhol, named one of the best covers of the year!: A Photo Editor

90’s models redux! Esther Canadas, Fernanda Tavares and Nadege for the D2Squared show: Fashionologie

See our interview with Danny at VNY (below in the middle): Backstage at Rag and Bone

3 of our new favorites: Janice, Danny, Zdenek. All VNY. Photos by JD Ferguson

  1. I agree, Trisha, there are too many haters out there. Believe me, I see A LOT of guys during show week and the VNY boys really stand out. But then again, don’t ask me, ask maybe the Zegna people who booked like 8-10 of their guys, including Danny and Zdenek, which is a huge amount coming from such a small boutique agency.

    I think if you’re going to be negative, you might as well put your name and affiliation if you’re in the industry (or even just that you’re a casting director or something). If you’re not in the industry and actually don’t meet these guys in person and see their books, it’s hard for us to take you seriously.


  2. Betty i agree with u!

    Any1 who talks smack on these models r jealous!

    just because they aren’t as edgy, and they are reminiscent of the 90’s models, doesn’t make them any less talented then the models of the 2000’s

  3. I just want some color on the Runways and in the magazines. Ive been turned down by so many agenices but yet i know if i had white skin but the same features i would have been signed already.. BUT my homie Z is mad cool and a real good dude.

  4. To x: True dat! Why not a name though?
    To Davina: Yes, good call!

    As Davina says: the trend in male models right now is not the Tyson Ballou/Tyson Beckford types.

    To King: How do you know that? You’re just making an assumption that if you were white, you would be signed. If you are an interesting and exremely photogenic person, you would be signed, regardless of color. Look at Red Models, they sign a lot of different guys of color, all different “types”. If you’re not being signed by anyone big, maybe modeling is not for you!


  5. Danny is yummy. But, I can see he will do well in the high-fashion industry.

    Janice is typical model who will “come and go”…sorry to say that. But, that’s my opinion.

    Zdenek, I’m not sure about him. He is definitely suit to editorial stuff. I can see him in Prada ad campaign.

    Well, that’s it.

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