1. Raquel, Daria, Sasha P. and Lara are all the best. Though, I’m beginning to like Iris more than Lara.. And as far as this goes, we’d have to include Caroline Trentini and Anja.

  2. This women is more than amazing , theres no words to describe her!!! Natasha and Raquel dont belong to this world!!

  3. im sorry but i think these pictures are very average the fashion, the hair, even the color grade isnt working for me at all and im a Sorrenti and Raquel fan.

  4. MARFA is amazing .. I’m constantly let down with a lot of the fashion that high end people & publications go there and do… I never really feel like the capture the spirit of the place.. perhaps they don’t stay long enough to feel it

  5. Raquel ,i cant have enough of her, and all the talented artists that works with her,very well deserved that no.1 in the ranking , and for so long now! pic 2 ,mi fav here

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