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Ph: Jeff Antebi from the Starworks’ blog. Click link to see more heartbreaking pictures and to read his story.

In light of the 2nd earthquake that just hit Haiti (the aftershock from the first one), we hope to remind everyone to do what they can to help our brothers and sisters in the devastated country. Here are some posts with places to donate. One Image Charity, Planet Awesome Kid, APhotoEditor. Text the word “Haiti” to 90999 which makes a $10 donation to the Red Cross. We’ve heard that it’s raised millions of dollars. Click here to read more about texting Haiti.

Modeling news:

David Agbodji, the current face of the Calvin Klein men’s collection is seen here au natural.

-15 year old Emma is the winner of V Magazine/Ford Models‘ contest. For more info, click here.

Made in Brazil features Rio’s girl with the most shows, Alicia Kuczman from Way Models.

-See the New York Times story in this special story about Crystal Renn. Read our 2004 very prophetic post on OTM where she says: ” I have faith that other people in the fashion industry can change the way they think too”. See our 2005 cover story on Ms. Renn.

-Personal news: Claudia Schiffer is pregnant, Lara Stone is engaged.

-Speaking of Lara Stone…… Sao Paulo fashion week is reviewed by MIB. Check out the always gorgeous Lara for Forum Tufi Duek and Chanel Iman‘s amazing body in Rosa Cha.

-Daisy Lowe doesn’t want people doing cocaine at her party. We support that!!

Made in Brazil is so funny, I guess Jesus Luz is NOT the new Christ.


-Photographers: here’s a fascinating article on how this photographer grew his business 20% this past year.

Art and Commerce represents Tim Walker.

-Get ready for New York, Kevin Tachman puts up some strong images from the Arise Africa show from this past September.

Emma, V Magazine and Ford’s contest winner!

  1. Emma looks great, but I can’t believe they took a picture of her with out a top on, she’s only 15yrs old. She’s way too young… that’s ridiculous.

  2. That’s why the should not let 15 years old girl modeling at all, that’s what happen.And the worst is she is not even the only, there are plenty of 15-16 years old on the runway walking half naked and that says anything. because they are super skinny and look fresh, that’s all that matters to people in the industry!

  3. Lets all come together for Haiti with donations. The images i saw really broke my heart. i just i could just do more apart from donating money :$

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