1. Jojo, go to the link… or just simply click on the picture. I loved this collection, but the ads not that special. Lindsey does look amazing though.

  2. Thanks Janelle!
    I adore this collection and Lyndsey! But You can barley tell its her. That could be any girl… Its a shame they didn’t get more creative…

  3. To Andrew, I was not a fan at first. I have worked with her
    and I have to say she is special compare to all the other girls in fashion. I think the word is more refreshing.
    All the best to this great new face. Rock on LINDSEY!!!!!!!

  4. I’m so proud of her! No matter what anyone says about her looks, she’s 100% original and sets the camera on fire…keep it up Miss Wixs… 🙂

  5. i m very disappointed that even one of the last guru in this business s focusin on accessoiers instead that clothing

  6. Lindsey looks amazing! She is the next big thing and I see unbelievable opportunities for her in the future!

  7. Lindsay has that face that begs for a big debate lol!!

    I love her, she’s just too unique. Prada should really utilize this amazing Gem they had.

  8. well, Creative Opulence, i don’t necessarily think that models are always used as props… to me, i think the only reason why this is the juxtoposition is because her face is so captivating and strong… if it’s an upclose of her face, it might be too distracting… however, with this composition, everything seems to be more balanced… with her unique look, and the whimsical collection, they’re a perfect match! 😉

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