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Vogue China salutes the best in Asian talent with a portfolio of the industry’s leading Asian models shot by Max Vadukul. Featuring Liu Wen, Du Juan, Kiki Kang, Tao Okamoto, Danni Li and Ping Hue Cheung , the images show the current superstars as well as the rising talents sure to make an impact in 2010.  This dynamic group of girls and their combined successes are a testament to the way in which the fashion industry is slowly but surely diversifying.


Liu & Du


Danni Li






Kiki Kang | Image Credit Kazaf @ tFS

  1. kiki kang looks multi-ethnic. Is she only of Asian descent (does anyone know)? All these girls are gorgeous.

  2. I agree, Liu is one of the most beautiful faces in the world. Its not even perfectly placed like Tao, but something is just there, the more you see it, it gets more compelling it becomes.

  3. Breathtaking photographs, Du Juan is looking as immaculate as ever, she must be an icon in China

    the other look amazing too, particularly Danni 🙂

  4. danni li has a different look. she has sexy vibe i don’t get from others, maybe because her eyes and lips which captivates me..

  5. Where did this girl ping come from? what an amazing new face. This story is exquisite. What beautiful girls….

  6. Wow…where did this girl ping come from? I’m excited to see how she does this season.Exquisite girl…and beautiful story.

  7. Kiki Kang is amazing,she has such an interesting face and shes still very conventionally beautiful.Glad that she is doing awesome recently,Top Shop ads and being in Vogue China are good for her!

  8. I especially adore Liu Wen and Tao Okamoto. In my opinion, Tao’s facial features are the most symmetrical of all. Talking about modern girls with attitude!

  9. I’m excited about Charlene , the Girl from the Philippines who placed 1st runner up in this year’s Supermodel Of The World. Definitely the Asian girl to watch. ………

  10. @Ryan- Ping is with Major NYC- her full name is Ping Hue Cheung

    @Aznmdl- Tao is full Japanese not half chinese

    @ Josh- Hye got married and hasnt been working so i guess she is retired 🙁 she might return though

  11. @paul R where has this girl been hiding? she’s stunning and in such amazing company. kudos to vogue for putting her on the map!

  12. The Asians are coming……..hope they keep the momentUm going.

    TAO’s features are almost perfectly symmetrical.

  13. These women are BEAUTIFUL. They are so model in their own way! DU is a legend kind of! She broke many barriers and is was everywhere before. She exploded right away and shes fading a little! She better come back with a bang and change her hair to what is was before!! Lui and Tao So versatile! New girls are also hot! kiki has potential to be iconic!!! Asian with a Cindy Crawford mole = memorable!!!

  14. this girl ping has an almost porcelain doll face. just extraodinary. liu and du beautiful as always. bravo! well done.

  15. im sorry,

    but just because a girl has a mole on her face does not mean she is the asian cindy crawford….i mean really now….

  16. my favorite editorial in this issue! all the girls are so beautiful. what an all star cast! the new girls word: FANTASTIC! vogue china does such an amazing job putting the next “IT” girls on everyone’s radar

  17. ASIAN MODELS ARE TOTALLY GOING TO ROCK THE RUNWAYS BY THE NEXT FEW YEARS!!! BTW, Shu Pei was mentioned elsewhere in Vogue China and was on the cover of Vogue China with Mirte Maas!

  18. they’re fab but am i the only one who thinks the fashion world only take on one type of Asian looks? these girls are cool but they’re not classified as ‘beautiful’ in Chinese ppl’s eyes. ask any Chinese in street they’ll say this look is ‘ugly’ since chinese don’t like these type of eyes. i think it’s great that the western fashion world recognises the tranditional oriental narrow eyed beauty, but they should also appriciate different type of asian beauties, and respect the ‘asian beauty’ through real Asian’s eyes!!!

  19. these girls are fabulous! WERQ IT!!! ping and liu wen are so classicaly beautiful. they are elegance personified. love the spreaD

  20. im all for liu wen, she made history for asian in model business coz not only she walk on almost every runway shows but also the first girl to be on victoria secret show !!!

  21. I’m Japanese and often see this kind in Vogue Nippon.
    Tao, Ai Tominaga, Anne Watanabe, and other Tokyo collection models are on the list.
    Most Japanese don’t think they are beautiful because their faces are definitely FUNNY.
    They are just like…Noh actors.

  22. @AK

    Thats how fashion works, Dahling……A celebration of Beauty’s Uniqueness and quirkiness….WEstern World has a different standard, I guess.


  23. @peterModelObsesse,
    can’t agree with u more…honestly,we chinese won’t consider any of these girls(from China)…”beautiful”…I mean seriously, these girls would absolutely share fair or even worse comments on their apperance. guess Western World do have a different standard.
    anyway, I still love them, specially DuJuan, and I’m glad that they could attract so many western people ^ ^ they are awesome!

  24. When I first looked at these pictures and the comments, I was like…huh? Viewing the girls in asian people’s perspectives, most would say they are too ordinary, or even bad looking. However, in Western people’s eyes, I guess they are considered exotic and beautiful…I don’t know…but I’m proud of them

  25. Cannot get over how BEAUTIFUL Du Juan is! She has such grace, poise and her loveliness is made all the more striking by the simpleness of the styling. Liu looks gorgeous as always obvs, though this isn’t her at her best. Tao is stunning, and I’m liking the new girls. Though I think they should’ve included Xiaoyi Dai, Hyun Yi Lee and a few others whose names have escaped me.

    @ AsianAngel: I don’t agree at all. The fashion world only take one type of Asian girl? Can you honestly say Du, Liu and Kiki all look the same? Also you just contradicted yourself by saying they are cool and then that ‘all chinese people would think they were ugly.’ These girls are great, leave it at that. Let’s not bring race into everything.

  26. Was it only me that clicked to see Daul’s face in this post?
    I miss her in fashion shoots.
    RIP Daul Kim.

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