A Coordinated Couple

Du Juan is a familiar presence in Vogue China but this month she’s paired with the handsome, Philip Huang for an especially charming editorial. Dressed in his and hers versions of Spring’s top trends and shot by Yuan Gui Mei, the couple looks like the perfectly matched pair – the casting and Ling Wu‘s casual chic styling make the story.





Du Juan & Phillip Huang | Image Credit, Kazaf at tFS

  1. I was beginning to wonder where she vanished to. This is so cool! I’m drooling over the second image! And how nice to see the beautiful Phillip again.

  2. love this! Du Juan should be iconic since she has broken many many barriers.. being the first asian in the cover of french vogue to appearing in the Vuitton ads! Philip is a very versatile Asian male model, but its sad to see only one asian man to have made it this far… we need more asian male models!!!!

  3. I echo modellobello’s comment…more Asian male models!! At least she was paired with an Asian male as is ATYPICAL in most other publications.

  4. WOW… DuJuan’s back in the roll!!! 🙂
    Liu Wen and Shu Pei definitely stole her shine last season,and now she’s hitting right back with a fresh new look… i love her new hair (thank God her agent didn’t color her hair)… i think she looks less commercial with this look… AMAZING choice of change!!! 😉

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