There’s not much else like Marfamily, is there?

Olympia Campbell by Esther Theaker | Stylist Linda Engelhardt

With issue #5, Marfamily fully graduates itself from humble magazine to the one your mother warned you about: freethinking design, self-referential witticisms and a possibly unhinged sense of fashion. This all wrapped in cover sirens Lara Stone, Olympia Campbell, Helena Severin and Lily McMenamy who hint at what might be inside. Supposedly “conversations with actress Stacy Martin, artists Peter Halley and Lois Dodd, the female Imam Seyran Ates, and many others,” taunts the press release. Really though, there’s not much else like it, is there? See for yourself in our preview below.

Images courtesy of Marfamily

Lara Stone by Johnny Dufort | Stylist Akeem Smith

Stacy Martin by Alexandra Gordienko | Stylist Linda Engelhardt

Lily McMenamy and Alexandra Gordienko by Alexandra Gordienko

Lily McMenamy by Alexandra Gordienko

Helena Severin by Angela Hill | Stylist Alexandra Gordienko

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