The gang over at Marfamily casually scripted a cover-to-cover whodunnit for their latest issue

“Film your murders like love scenes, and film your love scenes like murders,” Hitchcock famously said, and for Marfamily‘s latest issue, the team at the biannual magazine decided to film their murders like fashion shoots, and film their fashion shoots like murders. It’s a cover-to-cover whodunnit, entitled, “The Front Row Murders”––naturally! since they’re naturally-not-normal anyway. The masterminds behind such a dizzying (creative) direction should be named: editor-in-chief Alexandra Gordienko, fashion editors Omaima Salem, Linda Engelhardt, Danny Reed and for this narrative-laden issue, features editor Ross Astor became director and storyteller. Lately, horror seems to hold a special place in the heart of fashion evidenced by all the genre references like Prada and their Frankenstein-themed collection; murmurs of Jaws, The Shining, Carrie and more were part of Raf’s Calvin Klein motif; and the remake of Suspiria boasted a cast full of fashion darlings. Still, we haven’t seen a magazine that looks like this before. Gordienko tells us, “Taking the structure of a classic crime thriller, MARFAMILY #4 has become a novella under the name of The Front Row Murders, the narrative of which is drawn along by every piece of text and imagery contained within its pages.” On top of all that’s inside Béatrice Dalle, Anne Hathaway, Alek Wek, Lindsey Wixson, Mariam de Vinzelle, Eniko Mihalik and Lily McMenamy serve as the leading lady cover stars. We preview pieces of the puzzle that unravel all issue long below.

Anne Hathaway (as Barbara Streisand) in Marc Jacobs by Alexandra Gordienko | Stylist Danny Reed

Béatrice Dalle (on top of a once powerful politician) by Pierre-Ange Carlotti | Stylist Omaima Salem

Alek Wek (and her long legs) in Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello by Pascal Gambarte | Stylist Omaima Salem

Eniko Mihalik (looking at some art at Tramps NY) in Miu Miu by Alexandra Gordienko | Stylist Linda Engelhardt

Lily McMenamy (& honourable guests of The MARFASHION show) by Pascal Gambarte | Stylist Omaima Salem & Alexandra Gordienko

Mariam de Vinzelle (being all Parisian) in Louis Vuitton by Pascal Gambarte | Stylist Linda Engelhardt

Lindsey Wixson(looking at some art at Gavin Brown’s enterprise) in Chanel by Alexandra Gordienko | Stylist Linda Engelhardt

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  1. I fail to see anything artistic in these shots. I am all about over the top and out side the box. However, I will go drink another cup of coffee. I am referring to the Marf pictures.

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