The Return of the Man


Cory Bond by Mariano Vivanco for Cesare Paciotti S/S 10

V Magazine‘s new size issue is generating much discussion making us examine our views on female models’ beauty in relation to their size. But what about the men? Two who light us up right now are Cory Bond and AJ Abualrub. Cory, at 32 and looking better than ever, plays the sexy foil to Isabeli Fontana in the Cesare Paciotti campaign.  AJ, last spring’s striking Calvin Klein face fronts this season’s Levi’s campaign by Ryan McGinley exuding a very panther-like energy. Both campaigns revel in their subjects’ utter masculinity and the fact that these are definitely men, not boys. We personally love this embrace of the manly man…. do you?


AJ Abualrub by Ryan McGinley for Levi’s S/S 10.

  1. I really like Cory Bond. He is a very sexy MAN, without really trying I think. He embodies the masculinity that we always see for Cesare Paciotti ads perfectly. Pairing him with Isabeli just makes it sizzle! So far for SS10, this is one of my favorites.

  2. Dangerous territory this “what is a man?” thing. “Real men” come in all shapes, sizes and levels of testosterone — from Pee Wee Herman to “Rambo” and everything in between. All men.

  3. To Robert:

    I am referring to my feeling that a lot of new male models are really just boys. A 15-17 year old teenager, someone like Paolo Anchisi, as beautiful as he is, is still really a kid. Nothing wrong with them at all, they are on the verge of manhood, just not quite “men” yet.


  4. Omg!!! Hottest pairing. Ever.

    Cory Bond and Isabeli Fontana. Wow I’m speechless! No words! Just pure hotness. This is perfect casting. Cory Bond’s raw animalistic appeal complements isabeli’s natural sensuality. For me isabelli is really the most beautiful and sexiest and most sensuous model in the business. I know that fashion dictate us to believe that gisele, Kate and lara is. Isabeli is very womanly, her sensuality is in your face. No deciphering needed. Men gets it right away. Women respond to it in a way, relates to it, the way they really can’t to models like Kate, gisele or lara.
    The pairing is just excellent and right on money. Its like pairing Brad pitt and Angelina back in the days when they used to be hot. Cory and isabelli, there’s no anybody else in mind.

    Kudos to the master of black and white erotic storyteller himself, Mariano Vivanco. He really outdid himself on this one. Bravo Vivanco!!!

  5. cory bond is one of the BEST models working today! did u see his xmas editorial in nytimes? his amazing smile, body, energy all make him the perfect man/model for 2010 and beyond! he needs to start acting, cory bond + movies = golden!

  6. Why does fashion dictate us to like the youngest, skinniest flawless boy, when somebody like Cory Bond, David Gandy et al are more relatable?

  7. tucson john, well said. I’m all for male modeling being for real men, but there should be no age limit, I’m seventeen, and no little boy! still, the best male models are the ones who emit masculinity…

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