1. KK can do no wrong, and the image at the bottom right WOW.. I say if your going Fall do it Like Karlie!!
    Miesal Never a dissapointment!

  2. oh, i dont know… not quite convinced by this cover.. and again, like in the twitter-issue, i think the inside could be great, the editorials. but this cover is lame somehow again, not eye-catching, VOGUE ITALIA, YOU CAN DO BETTER!

  3. Omg, poor karlie. First off, she looks Ahhmazzing!

    2nd, I hope she wasn’t hurt. This one looks all too

  4. She looks whatever. I’ve seen better falls that haven’t made it to the cover. I don’t get Karlie Kloss.

  5. How can anyone say this and the Twitter cover is NOT eye catching?!? Have you not seen the homogonized slew of covers that pollute the shelves month after month? This is the ONLY cover that does anything remotely interesting and different.

  6. this photos of karlie is perfect………. its flawless….. im speechless……… wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i don’t like karlie with a full face of makeup like that..i think she looks so much better with a more natural look!

  8. @MOOKY what i wanted to say is that i am kinda disappointed. i mean its a new decade and vogue italia anyways, i simply expected a lot more.
    a stunning cover like the one with rianne ten haken, VI is actually has actually never done wrong, i do truly looooooooooooove VI!
    but btw, and tbh, by every time i look at the cover again i kinda like it more…

  9. this is really an insanely exciting endeavour!!! and yes, Karlie does absolutely no wrong… who else could look so fabulous tripping on the runway?!?! 😉

  10. Although I love Meisel’s work, I just don’t understand Karlie Kloss. She is SOOO overexposed! I wish they would use someone like Tanya Dziaheleva for this cover. She is ten times more stunning than Karlie.

  11. Well thing is Josh, no one is using Tanya D really IDK know why. Karlie has a lithe body…taller than Tanya and Sknnier, I think it works very well for those shots.

    I do miss Tanya being in magazines.

  12. You don’t get/like Karli Kloss?!?!?!?!!! Somebody please explain to me what is there to NOT LIKE about KK? I think she is a very lovely young lady. You really can’t blame her for everyone else’s (Meisel, Wintour, Galliano, ME) love for her. I think its wrong for anyone to bash her, but to each his own. BTW, where is Tanya D.? Is she still working? She is still too young (Is she even 19 yet?) for ‘them’ to throw her away.

  13. Karlie is amazing, by far one of my favourite models of all time. Whatever she does looks great and I’m really starting to love Meisel!

  14. To say “you doh’t get” Karlie Kloss is pretty lame, and boring? Hmmmmm… I hardly think a 17 year old girl, classically trained in ballet who has traveled the world and has pretty much every top photographer shooting her in regular rotations is boring. Baby Clyde, you are either incredibly interesting or boring yourself.

  15. idk i guess i just thought that tanya dziaheleva’s long hair and stunning face would work well for this cover.

  16. Ironic! Considering Kloss is one of the most graceful runway models of the day. Kloss doesn’t know how to walk, but she certainly knows how to float!

    Oh, Italian Vogue Directors, what clever people you are.

  17. Karlie Kloss…is the most exciting model in recent time..from her walk(unigue/signature) to her height, to her age…to the fact that even Tyra mocked her…she must have done something right…i complete adore her and wish her the best..love the cover btw…lithe and delicate..must’ve been the ballet

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