Dazed Beauty adds Kylie cover to its limited edition issue zero (Updated)

Much has been done in the realm of beauty but Dazed Beauty‘s futuristic perspective pushes things to another dimension. Kate Moss and Travis Scott are the “The Children of Ixion” for the first drop of the inaugural print ‘artefact’, 3D scanned into CGI centaurs as they roam their fantasy world. Digital artists Darío Alva and the Travis Brothers along with creative director Isamaya Ffrench are the masterminds behind this phantasmic delivery that blends sci-fi and tech seamlessly. Add additional drops featuring a digitalized Slick Woods and artist Genesis P-Orridge and you get an off-kilter offering that’s far from your average beauty book.

Update: Dazed Beauty released the issues third and final cover for issue zero which features Kylie Jenner by Daniel Sannwald and beauty applied by the AI program Beauty_GAN which learned from 17,000 images. The full editorial is now on Dazed Beauty. Issue zero will be a limited release of 2000!

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