We heart Taylor!

Besides being extraordinarily handsome, Taylor is easily one of the most easygoing, nice and humble models around. Check out the video of him at the recent backstage of Rad Hourani where he talks about the high heels the male models had to wear and which none of the guys could figure out. Video of Taylor below. Rad Hourani backstage below.

If you missed our other videos of NY backstage where we talk to Masha Novoselova, Reid Prebenda and up and coming stars Lasse, Allegra, Danny and Stas, click here.

[flashvideo filename=https://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2008/09/one-model.mov image=https://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2008/09/feed-video-taylor.gif /]

[flashvideo filename=https://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2008/09/all-models.mov image=https://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2008/09/feed-video-backstage.gif /]

Taylor Fuchs backstage at Rad Hourani S/S 09. Photo: MDC.


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