Go Global and Local with Fucking Young!

In a world increasingly defined by boundaries and borders, Fucking Young offers an alternate vision in a powerful new issue devoted to global neighborhoods, taking a view at once international and hyperlocal. Building on the neighborhoods that made us who we are and continue to shape us throughout our lives, the Autumn/Winter 2018/19 edition roams from Kreuzberg in Berlin and Brixton in London to Kopli in Estonia’s capital Tallinn and Eulji-Ro 3 Ga in Seoul to explore the places that are constantly changing yet always feel like home. Allan Hamitouche and Jérémie Chegrane explore the beautiful Mediterranean waters from Toulon’s Cap Brun along the French Riviera while Marc Medina and Juan Camilo Rodríguez take an intimate look at Louis Vuitton’s brand-new Pre-Spring collection in Barcelona’s Barri Gòtic. Further abraod, Guillermo Cassar and Hernán Esquinca reveal a dreaminess in Mexico City’s Zócalo and Asaf Einy and Shay Lee Nissim find a multitude of patterns and colors in Ajami, Jaffa, a historic city in Israel. In its unending thirst for exploration and discovery, Fucking Young reminds us that the world is impossibly large but also, at the same time, comfortingly intimate.

Take an exclusive first look below and pick up your copy here.

Jhonattan Burjack | Photographer – Kito Muñiz | Stylist – Angela Esteban Librero

Left: Geoffroy Noraz at Success Models (Paris) | Photographer – Allan Hamitouche | Stylist – Jérémie Chegrane

Simon Porte Jacquemus | Photographer – Allan Hamitouche

Federico Ricco | Photographer – Simon | Stylist – Luca Imbimbo

Left: Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh | Photographer – Marc Medina

Photographer – Marc Medina | Stylist – Juan Camilo Rodríguez

Guillermo Garza | Photographer – Guillermo Cassar | Stylist – Hernán Esquinca

Photographer – Asaf Einy | Stylist – Shay Lee Nissim

Kida Kudz | Photographer – Andrei Zozulya-Davidov

Photographer – Daan Dam | Stylist – Olive Duran

Artist – Hassan Hajjaj

Left: Arthur Bär at PMA (Hamburg) | Photographer – Kapturing | Stylist – Juan Camilo Rodríguez

Tommy Cash | Photographer – Kertin Vasser | Stylist – Anna-Lisa Himma

Paul François, Yanniek Buijs, and Arjan van Hesteren | Photographer – Michiel Meewis | Stylist – Philippe Pourhashemi

Jhonattan Burjack | Photographer – Kito Muñiz | Stylist – Angela Esteban Librero

Jhonattan Burjack | Photographer – Kito Muñiz | Stylist – Angela Esteban Librero


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