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With every label going for something unique this season, Spring’s campaigns are a mixture of fresh concepts and familiar motifs. Balenciaga’s unusual cut and paste ads by Steven Meisel, feature newcomers Mirte Maas and Patricia van der Vliet alongside the perennially perfect Iselin Steiro. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Loewe takes a more traditional route with Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin shooting  Daria Werbowy surrounded by flowers in bloom. Last but not least, Dior goes for the nostalgia with a retro ad straight out of the 1940s: Karlie Kloss by Steven Meisel looks every inch the starlet with her waved hair and red lips.




Image Credit | LOVE Mag & honeycombchild at tFS

  1. Daria Webowry is never going to expire!! Such great career longevity along with Maria Carla Boscono and Carmen Kass. I love love love Karlie Kloss and knew Galliano will use her after she opened the Dior SS2010 shows!

  2. – Wow, Meisel learned how to play with the layers on Photoshop? How cute and utterly creative. No one would’ve thought of that! Seriously, Meisel, I used to expect more from you…

    – Loewe is OK. They’re not famous for creative campaigns anyway. Glad to see Daria around. She’s not working much lately.

    – Karlie looks a lot like Lauren Bacall in the Dior ad. I don’t get what is so great about this girl, but she’s making a good career for herself. The ad is typical Dior colorful-background-and-uber-airbrushed-girl-in-front. Boring, but it must be working for someone. Not for me, though.

    I still maintain my opinion: this is one the worst seasons of the past few years. boring, boring and boring. Yawn. I would love to have something good to say, but, it’s not happening.

  3. BALENCIAGA??????????????
    what went on here?
    was Lisanne de Jong not supossed to be in this campaign?It would have been the only good thing is she was in this campaign.
    Maybe her agency took her out because it looks so UGLY!!!!
    I have never seen such a bad campaign image for such a big brand.Fire the person who thought of this.He or she should never work in fashion again.
    Please….. it looks like something a todler made in kindergarden.

  4. i don’t know what it is about the Balenciaga ad, but it’s really enthralling to me.

    Not really a Daria fan, and this Dior ad is just no. Doesn’t even look like Karlie…

  5. Love Dior if though it’s a little bit boring. I do agree with Gracie – whatta f*ck happend to fashion for S/S 2010?? BORING and LAME!! We can do better, come on!

  6. Karlie Kloss looks slightly inviting, slightly dangerous and very illustrious. I think it is a FABULOUS campaign.

  7. i really do like balenciaga. i love how simple the ad is crated. modern and fresh.

    its probably not my favourite ad campaign of the season, but from the 3 above i like it most.

    loewe looks cheap, dior looks boring.

  8. and btw, i totally agree with GRACIE. you can easily see fashion is having a downgrading this season!

    sometimes i even think from what i see, we’re moving backwards to what was fashionable in the early 2000s. and that simply can’t be the case, thats not acceptable!

    lets see whether there are designers who will save us! 😀
    and lets hope they’ll get truely inspired
    for next season’s clothes!

  9. I love the Balenciaga campaign – if I were flipping through a magazine, a sideways girl would definitely cause me to stop and look.
    Also, Iselin is fabulous as always!

  10. The Balenciaga campaign looks awkward and very amateur. I expected more from Steven Meisel myself. I guess it’s giving it a more youthful look. As for Loewe, not very interested in the campaign but a smart move casting Daria Werbowy. She still is my all time favorite. Classic beauty. As for Dior, I’ve been annoyed by the lack of interest in their campaigns being a more established house. I never understood the lack of creativity there. And to top it off now Karlie Kloss is being cast. The girl has a bright future, but I’m not sure why other than because Anna Wintour has her eyes set on her. But to me she bugs for some reason and I think it’s her chubby nose. But over all it hasn’t been a strong season of campaigns.

  11. I really adore Karlie, and I just can’t take my eyes off the Dior ad!!! She’s only 17 and she’s got everyone going crazy for her. @Gracie You should go see what Galliano said about her. She’s definitely going to stay on top for a long time

    Prada is not bad either!

    The worst I think so far besides Balenciaga is probably Burberry…I never understood Emma Watson’s appeal…so NO!

  12. Daria!

    The Dior is a lovely image. Karlie is great. Though something about the bag’s position is throwing me off. Perhaps if it hung a bit more gracefully.

    I’ll leave Balenciaga alone… Though it has been great to have Iselin back in bits and pieces.

  13. The only good thing about that Balenciaga ad is Mirte, love that girl.

    And the thing about Karlie is, if you look at her as she is, without all the makeup and clothes, she looks so normal, almost ordinary, but put her in front of a good photographer with a camera and it’s a very radical change, the other top girls can look incredibly beautiful even without makeup, but there’s something about Karlie that goes beyond physical, the girl knows what she’s doing, it must be a dream to work with her.

    Love Daria as always, her beauty is in a whole other level.

  14. Though she seems to be a very nice girl, Karlie is a very bland model. Not just her looks, but her presence in a general way. Kate Moss, for instance, is one average looking girl, but she becomes one extraordinary being in front of the cameras, because she’s got this rock star, larger than life personality. Karlie has nothing like this. She’s not dangerous like Sasha or Stam, versatile like Raquel, edgy like Anja or sexy like Lara. She’s just one more boring girl Anna Wintour likes, for some unknown reason and who’ll be ditched as soon as she finds another quirky chick to make those awful “jumping-in-a-beige-background” editorials.

    Lately, the girls Wintour endorses aren’t beloved by anyone but herself. Even if she shoves them under our throats, getting them eds and campaigns, most people still find them very uninteresting. In my opinion, Carine Roitfeld is much more of a star maker, these days.

  15. i total agree with carola, there’s something about karlie that is amazing, she is not the most beautiful models right now but when she is in front of the camera it’s like BANG she takes evrething to the next level and she is only 17, so we are going to know about karlie for a long time.
    not a fan of the loewe ad, but when i see daria i just can’t close my mouth she is SO amazing, my god she is incredibly beautiful, and her carrer it’s a dream. loooove her.

  16. i think edita would have been a better choice for the loewe and/or the dior ad with her enigmatic classic school beauty.

  17. Balenciaga is amazing. M&M did the art direction not meisel, so it is their vision. I think the image is great! it will make people stop and look.

    Dior is SOOOOO boring and bad. i dont know what mesiel was thinking there. it looks blurry and i would miss it flipping through a magazine.

    Daria looks amazing as always.

  18. I think this cements the fact that Iselin should be on the Top 50 List yet again. She is the only model that can take a break for school only to come back and land the most prestigious campaigns and walk the most famous runways. She absolutely killed it this season.

  19. The Balenciaga ad is so fresh that made the clothes pop!!!

    Dior is not that bad, very classy and movie star feel.

    Sorry, don’t like Loewe but Daria looks great.

  20. Those who usually ask what is so special in Karlie, don’t probably have history of reading comics. The strange characteristic features are always irrestistable, if you are creative kind.

  21. Have you guys seen the rest of the new Gucci campaign? I for one am head over heels to say the least..

  22. The full Gucci campaign is ridiculous!!! I love love love Miss Poly’s poses, Ryan Kennedy and that lovely chair they use, awesome and completely sexy!

  23. So enthoused Balenciaga decided to use similair pieces in one ad.
    If you analyze the confluency in his collections, they seem as if they are designed in a sequence, each a little different than the previous.

    And we get to see those beautifully neat seams! Consistent silhouette, the texture of the natural fibers, the color blocking – need I say more?

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