Re-Edition explores the far side of fashion in its tenth issue

Possibly, you’re going to devour this like it’s the last magazine you’ll ever read. Read it like you need it! Tons of delicious pages from the far side of fashion by the folks over at Re-Edition Magazine. This one is issue 10, “Would you get in?” it asks. We would. It’s built with the best, its covers for example: Alasdair McLellan and Alice Goddard shoot Giselle Norman, Talia Chetrit photographs long-time-not-seen Joan Severance dressed by Jodie Barnes, Jamily Wernke Meurer dresses up as Collier by Collier Schorr then Harley Weir and Lotta Volkova come up with something fantastic, something subversive. That’s not all of it either, just some. It’s all previewed below, courtesy of Re-Edition themselves!

Jean Campbell by Letty Schmiterlow | Stylist Danny Reed

Ellis by Harley Weir | Stylist Lotta Volkova

Liz Ord by Roe Ethridge | Stylist Jo Barker

Joan Severance by Talia Chetrit | Stylist Jodie Barnes

Jamily Wernke Meurer by Collier Schorr | Stylist Vanessa Reid

Harley Weir and Lotta Volkova

Giselle Norman by Alasdair McLellan | Stylist Alice Goddard

Pamela Anderson by Chris Maggio | Stylist Marie Chaix

Remington Williams by Roe Ethridge | Stylist Jo Barker

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  1. Sorry, but some photos are so normal and ugly, and the casting is phantasmagoric. Where is the good taste of these magazines and photographers???

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